Pet Friendly Travel Ė 10 Tips for Hassle-Free Travel with Your Pet

Written by David Buster

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6 - Check with your vet for any recommended vaccinations appropriate for your trip - exposure to ticks while hiking, exposure to other dogs while boarding or heartworm prevention if your dog will be exposed to mosquitoes are examples of important preventative measures to take before your trip. If your pet is a dog, have an up-to-date rabies tag for your dog's collar. If you decide to day board your dog while on vacation, you may be required to show paperwork proof ofrepparttar rabies vaccination. 7 - Once you arrive atrepparttar 142561 pet friendly lodging, informrepparttar 142562 check-in person that you have your pet. You can inquire if there are any restricted areas where your pet should not be taken. Pet friendly lodging staff should be very accustomed to answering these kinds of questions and will appreciate your awareness.

8 - In your hotel room, condo, cabin rental or vacation home rental - never let your pet userepparttar 142563 furniture or beds to sit, lay or sleep on unless you've coveredrepparttar 142564 furniture or bed with your own cover. Place your petís food and water containers on a mat or newspaper inrepparttar 142565 bathroom, where cleanup will be easier. When staying in pet friendly accommodations, you may choose to feed your pet outdoors.

9 - If you'll be leaving your pet alone inrepparttar 142566 room or vacation rental, make surerepparttar 142567 front desk or rental agent knows. Be sure that you leave your pet secured in their travel container or crate if housekeeping staff will be enteringrepparttar 142568 room at any time to clean. You certainly don't want a housekeeper to enter and be surprised or even attacked by your pet! A pet may also run out ofrepparttar 142569 room when housekeeping enters if left unsecured.

10 - Be very careful in warm or hot weather with leaving your pet inrepparttar 142570 car. Even whenrepparttar 142571 outside temperature is only inrepparttar 142572 70ís or 80ís,repparttar 142573 interior of a vehicle can reach 100 degrees and higher, especially when parked inrepparttar 142574 sun. It doesnít take long at these temperatures to cause serious or even fatal harm to your pet.

Traveling with pets and staying in pet friendly lodging can be lots of fun - after all, your pet is part of your family too. Just using common sense and planning ahead makes for an enjoyable and surprise-free vacation.

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Unique Cat Urns Aren't That Difficult to Find

Written by Tara Pearce

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Another option is a ceramic cat urn. Available in black or white, standing, sleeping or resting and large enough to accommodate your petís remains itís a beautiful addition to any home. Itís definitely unique. And no one need know what it represents to you if thatísrepparttar way you prefer it.

If you would prefer an outdoor reminder for your garden, you can purchase a rock urn. Itís made of synthetic materials with granite flakes onrepparttar 142188 outside. Designed with all different kinds of weather in mind, it can be a permanent fixture outdoors Ė or you can place it indoors if you prefer.

I hope that gives you a better idea of whatís available in terms of unique cat urns, and that you findrepparttar 142189 perfect one for you and your pet.

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