Pet Business Ideas

Written by Chrissie Cole

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Pooper Scooping might not sound pretty but it’s a viable option. Pooper scooping is one ofrepparttar fast growing trends inrepparttar 141266 past two years. With just a few accounts to attend to weekly you can find yourself making a nice paycheck for you and your pet business.

Pet grooming is yet another popular pet business to start! I know I bring my dog to get groomed every fourth week ofrepparttar 141267 month, imagine if you had just a few regular dog lovers that brought their dog in for grooming sessions!

Many of these pet business ideas can be started right fromrepparttar 141268 comfort of your own home and on a shoe string budget! We suggest before picking your business and jumping in that you first find outrepparttar 141269 laws and regulations in your county and state for such a business. For instance, some states will not allow you to bake dog treats from your own home kitchen. It is important to find out your laws before starting your business to avoid any mishaps later.

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Your Kids Want a Pet - You Don't Want To Pet Anything

Written by Jennifer Shircel

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Hermit crabs do not need attention every day or even need to be feed everyday….that’srepparttar best reason already! Hermit crabs live in smaller cages and stay in side of a shell. They eat hermit crab pellets and drink water from a sponge.

Believe it or not, hermit crabs are even FUN!! Because they live inside their shells, you can buy shells for your kids to decorate how they want and thenrepparttar 141254 shells are placed insiderepparttar 141255 cage forrepparttar 141256 hermit crab to switch shells and live insiderepparttar 141257 painted ones! It’s so neat and your kids will be so thrilled.

Give hermit crabs a chance…

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