Personnel Security: What Is Your Security Posture?

Written by Felix P. Nater

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3. Askrepparttar Tough Questions. Has Our Company Done a Critical Assessment of Our Business Practices…?

Arerepparttar 134961 functional needs of security and safety decided by a team; or are they relegatedrepparttar 134962 responsibility of a Security Director, Human Resource Manager, Safety Manager or even Facility Manager? How much thought goes into arriving at a business matrix that factorsrepparttar 134963 security needs againstrepparttar 134964 type of business? Are security budgets based onrepparttar 134965 offerings of technology devoid ofrepparttar 134966 unique aspects of personnel security as part ofrepparttar 134967 security posture or is there justification for one orrepparttar 134968 other or both? I pose these additional questions for your consideration.

-Arerepparttar 134969 Security Plans, Policies and Programs adequate? -Are Threat and Crisis Plans incorporated in training programs? -Do I have an Emergency Evacuation Plan and do employees know their roles? -Arerepparttar 134970 Homeland Security Protective Measures integrated inrepparttar 134971 Security Plans? -Do I have knowledge or familiarity withrepparttar 134972 police and hospital response plans? -Isrepparttar 134973 company prepared to handle a Bomb Threat? -Are my mailroom and mail handling procedures adequate? -Doesrepparttar 134974 Personnel Security Plan addressrepparttar 134975 myriad of concerns including travel and VIP Security? -Is Counter-terrorism factored into my Workplace Violence Prevention Plan? -Whose responsibility is it to coordinate Security Awareness Training? -How do I organize a Threat Assessment Team? -Am I relying onrepparttar 134976 police andrepparttar 134977 response time or do I have a plan? -Is Workplace Violence a threat to your business inrepparttar 134978 event of business disruption and continuity?

4. Securityrepparttar 134979 Business Matrix…

Merely appointing a security chief and purchasing security technology withoutrepparttar 134980 essential critical assessment or evaluation of your business situation is not employingrepparttar 134981 best security strategy. Collaborating of resources and synchronizingrepparttar 134982 plans are positive steps to take in developing a business matrix that drivesrepparttar 134983 security strategy. No longer canrepparttar 134984 decision maker delegaterepparttar 134985 security function as a separate and apart responsibility without having any input intorepparttar 134986 strategy, philosophy and objective ofrepparttar 134987 security plans. The assumption we make aboutrepparttar 134988 investment against intangible benefits of a proactive or preventive security policy having no immediate impact onrepparttar 134989 Return onrepparttar 134990 Investment (ROI) must die a quick death. A critical assessment of your business practices will clearly provide an appreciable and measurable business matrix to motivate application of this philosophy inrepparttar 134991 Threat Assessment Phase.

Felix P. Nater is the President of Nater Associates, Ltd. a security management consulting practice offering security solutions in Workplace Violence Interdiction and General Security Consulting.

AntiVirus Warning

Written by Dawn Gray

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They claimrepparttar little box does nothing Windows doesn't already and slows your computer down 10%! (I believe them. I remember how much faster repparttar 132128 computers were before we loaded it, and my computer at home has been fine without it.)

4. "Internet Explorer (IE) won't work!"

This was my big problem for over a year. It started (coincidentally) aboutrepparttar 132129 same time I loaded Netscape 4.7. I've heard of other people having problems with Netscape and IE onrepparttar 132130 same computer, so I assumed Netscape wasrepparttar 132131 problem.

I tried installing Netscape and re-installing it. I tried uninstalling IE and re-installing it. Nothing worked.

Sunday night, my antivirus program (Aladdin's E- Safe Desktop) gave me an error when IE accidentally popped up. I unloadedrepparttar 132132 program, and IE started to work! I don't know why I didn't think of it before. I uninstalledrepparttar 132133 program and now IE works fine.

IE has ActiveX, a language that has been found capable of delivering viruses, and Microsoft is constantly using it to send update information to users. My virus protection software shut down repparttar 132134 program for my computer's own good!

5. "What about McAfee?"

Well, maybe McAfee is better. It's been working okay on my computer for about a week now. However, I've heard horror stories about them from some of my subscribers as well! Inrepparttar 132135 past, I've had problems with updates.

"There's always hope!"

I polled my subscribers aboutrepparttar 132136 best antivirus solutions, and Trend Software's PC-Cillan won. You can download their software (priced competitively with Norton's AntiVirus and McAfee's Virus Shield at

One subscriber also recommended a free solution: AVG anti-virus from

Good luck!

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