Personification of a Dream: part 1

Written by K.S. Fellow

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A day had past by before I began to pounderrepparttar dream that did not fade from my mind likerepparttar 146080 others. I found that since I had nothing to do during these slows times, my mind would wander alone, with or with out me, talking torepparttar 146081 heart in great conversations of ifs ‘how comes’, and ‘whys’. I would listen in here and there as I emptied my e-mail of junk, dark through out my home, my safety so silent, my face so still, my thoughts at a chill. But as soon asrepparttar 146082 thought, “Would you of talked to this man had he been real?” I had to stop my self and think, with a chortled almost sharp response my thoughts quickly burned to, “No, no, I’m to passive shy. For that.”, but why? what would of been so hard to just say hi, a once in a life time have a trust in your heart that asks for him by name. “By name?...” A life time of wonders that you find, a destiny that will bind, don’t be so blind! “No! Foolish...a’s really to sad that....well all to much is really to sad.” Springing my self out ofrepparttar 146083 office chair, my eyes were in relief of no longer havingrepparttar 146084 blue light ofrepparttar 146085 sedentary computer screen blaring at them. Stretching like a tight band, I waited asrepparttar 146086 computer behind beamed off in shut down, “Bed...” My feet were cold and bare, my mind heavy and tired like a wilted rose, I lumbered clumsy towardsrepparttar 146087 dark hole inrepparttar 146088 shadows that wasrepparttar 146089 door way to my sanctuary, my bedroom, that smell and warmth of blankets that I knew so well. As I laid a weary head down on a pile of lumpy pillows, I thought graizingly to my self, “My life really is comfortable...not exciting......not lively really, but tolerable.” And with that I foundrepparttar 146090 ease enough to sleep deeply.

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Inspired when I forget.

Raven Breath

Written by K.S. Fellow

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Standing mountains are likerepparttar breaks to what can be defined... if you call them less in a gritty jealousy, then what can be gained from your brash hand would be like a waste land compared to a forest that ridgesrepparttar 146079 sides ofrepparttar 146080 hills... The gain and future is what you sew into your flesh, what threads and spool from which you take will forever make crest upon your path. Letrepparttar 146081 patterns be that of peace and greatness and not that of malice, asrepparttar 146082 knots chock out any hope.

-summer downs

Praise the Lord for every day we do not lie sneer, or betray.

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