Personalized Search Versus Personal Choice

Written by Kevin Kantola

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Google has a beta personalized search engine at: that is pretty interesting to test. You're told to click on Health, thenrepparttar General Health checkbox and search for "stanford." When searching forrepparttar 127892 word "bob" instead of "stanford" at repparttar 127893 Minimum Personalize settingrepparttar 127894 first three results are "Bobrepparttar 127895 Builder," "Bob Marley" and "Bob Dylan". The rest of this page has no health related information on it as well. But, whenrepparttar 127896 slider is pulled to Maximum Personalize, "Dr. Bob" hasrepparttar 127897 first two positions followedrepparttar 127898 other results mentioned above. Its obvious Google has a ways to go in developing this.

Personal Privacy

If personalized search is to succeed, then personal privacy issues need to be addressed and concerns held to a minimum. Will personalized search involve searching your hard drive to see what your interests are? Will your interests be stored in a cookie on your computer? What happens when multiple users share a computer - will someone else get hit with all sorts of Preparation H advertisements because of repparttar 127899 hemorrhoid treatment searches you wanted to keep private? And will children be affected by adult personalized searches?

These are all questions thatrepparttar 127900 SE's need to address so that people do not feel that their privacy is being violated or put at risk. The more control and choicerepparttar 127901 user has over personalized searchrepparttar 127902 more likely it has in succeeding forrepparttar 127903 search engines.

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Google Bombing or Legitimate SEO?

Written by Mike Banks Valentine

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The ? technique for tracking traffic is even recommended by Pay-Per-Click engines which give instructions to advertisers usingrepparttar technique to track clickthroughs from PPC ads. Appending "?overture-keyword" torepparttar 127891 end of PPC destination URL's makes that visior who clicked your ads show up in your log files and allows you to knowrepparttar 127892 phrase that delivered that visitor and thatrepparttar 127893 visitor originated from Overture. SEO's have always used # and ? to advantage in an incremental fashion to optimize client sites. The jump links to named anchors is routinely used by SEO's by placing keywords inrepparttar 127894 #named-anchor links.

This works particularly well on long FAQ pages and on glossary of terms pages. Instead of doing what most do and using <.ahref="#FAQ1" rel="nofollow"> Keyword Phrase<./a> instead we use < a href="#keyword-phrase" rel="nofollow"> Keyword-Phrase< /a>. Of course you'll need to use it again inrepparttar 127895 anchor tag at < a name="keyword-phrase">< /a> Again, just an incremental tidbit to increaserepparttar 127896 use ofrepparttar 127897 keyword phrase by a slight margin THROUGHOUTrepparttar 127898 site in that same incremental fashion, without being excessive. The same is done with image filenames < img src="keyword.gif"> second level directory names /keyword-phrase/keyword.html, page filenames, and embedding links in visble page text keyword phrases < a href="keyword-phrase.html" rel="nofollow"> Keyword Phrase < /a> rather thanrepparttar 127899 worthless < a href="wordfrag4.htm" rel="nofollow"> Click Here< /a>

Every once in a while someone re-discovers these incrementally valuable techniques and attempts to abuse them a la "Google Bombing" (as discussed inrepparttar 127900 WebProWorld forum) and they get abused obscenely by overly agressive folks that risk being banned in order to gain short term advantage for their own sites.

This leadsrepparttar 127901 search engines to downgrade or penalize those who abuserepparttar 127902 techniques. SEO is not made up of a single technique used to compulsive levels. Wholistic SEO is using many techniques moderately for incremental gains. When you get obsessive about any one technique it leads to trouble.

Stay out of trouble please!

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