Personal Profile Of The Week: Judy Cullins

Written by Larry Dotson

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Years In Business: 22

No.1 Marketing Strategy: Make friends with people you do business with, and keep asking for what you want. It works!

Indoor Hobbies/Interests/Activities: Read, watch a fire, gourmet cooking

Outdoor Hobbies/Interests/Activities: I love to travel to third world countries, hike, swim, and walk

Favorite TV Show(s): I still like Ally McBeal and dramas like Judging Amy

Favorite Book(s): Autobiograph of a Yogi by Paramahansa Yogananda,

The Tao of Physics by Fritof Capra, Up from Eden by Ken Wilbur

Favorite Food(s): Fresh fish onrepparttar BBQ at home or in Islas de Las Mujeres andrepparttar 129718 Big Island

Favorite Color(s): red and green

Favorite Place(s) To Visit: South America, Central America, Hawaii, and anywhere I can snorkel and swim.

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Written by Craig Lock

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* Userepparttar occasional exclamation mark (!) to get your readers attention.

* Make sure your article flows properly. Re-read and re-read.

* Try to be concise in your wording. Brevity is repparttar 129716 hall-mark of good writing...or so say many ofrepparttar 129717 teachers of writing!

* Be credible (big word, eh?) at all times. I try to write my articles in a "conversational style with dashes of my funny humour".

* Put some thought and effort into your heading - again to get your reader's immediate attention.

* Use bullets in your articles - its makesrepparttar 129718 points easy to follow.

* Conclude with a strong message. The final paragraph should contain a message that summarises your article, or gets your reader to take further action.

* Offer a free report with your article - this is an easy way to collect a list of adresses for marketing your product(s). An instant target market.

* Finally, make sure your layout is good (not one of my strong points!), as this greatly enhances your prospects of getting published

Some prominent article writers say one should write differently to one's natural style , when writing forrepparttar 129719 web . I say , DON'T .Just write what comes naturally...and BE YOURSELF. Though you may have to be briefer than usual, if you are a "waffler", like this writer. People want immediate information online and have limited time usually - it'srepparttar 129720 "instant coffee, sorry generation.

The internet is such an amazing medium for communication. I've just submitted this article and it's been published almost instaneously (big word!) in a few places. So YOU TOO can write articles on your chosen subject in your internet marketing efforts. MORE TRAFFIC = INCREASED SALES

Writers and internet marketers - Grab this moment in history well.

"Carpe diem" (seizerepparttar 129721 moment!).

Happy writing and... Just GO FOR IT

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