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Written by Jerry Mulder

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Injury Lawyer RSS Feed offers a wealth of information on FDA recalls and current law related news, as well as litigation news. This consumer-friendly website can be used as a central resource to answer your questions about personal injury law. The Personal Injury Lawyer Directory will help you find a lawyer to assist you with your claim and provides information you need to get your personal injury lawsuit headed inrepparttar right direction.

For more information regarding the Personal Injury Lawyer Directory and personal injury law across the US, please click here.

Free Joint Venture Checklist

Written by Jefferson Highway, General Counsel

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9. Non competition. Willrepparttar parties torepparttar 141603 venture be prohibited from competing directly withrepparttar 141604 new business? Is it restricted territorially?

10. Sharing of information. What rights dorepparttar 141605 partners have to know aboutrepparttar 141606 internal workings ofrepparttar 141607 venture? Are regular management accounts to be provided? For example, would have rights to a product developed by a JV partner, even if we had no direct involvement inrepparttar 141608 day-to-day running ofrepparttar 141609 venture? What about independent auditing?

11. Profit sharing. How are profits to be distributed? When? Under what conditions? Can one party force a distribution of profits?

12. IPR. What Intellectual Property Rights willrepparttar 141610 new venture acquire? DO they revert to any particular party ifrepparttar 141611 venture is dissolved? Who owns new IPR developed byrepparttar 141612 venture?

13. Employees. How many employees will be needed, and how will they be organized? Will there be share options, or other incentives? Transferring employees from one business to another will almost certainly involve you in taking legal advice onrepparttar 141613 process andrepparttar 141614 related employee rights. At we would always have relevant 'key-man' insurance policies in place for special employees.

14. Administration. Map out who managesrepparttar 141615 venture, whorepparttar 141616 bankers will be, who will auditrepparttar 141617 business and who is responsible for regulatory compliance?

15. Exit. Doesrepparttar 141618 venture have a defined life-span, or is it open-ended? What circumstances can force it to end prematurely? If this happens, how arerepparttar 141619 assets to be distributed (including cash and IPR). If there are liabilities, not assets, who do they devolve onto?

If you answer all these points adequately, you should be well onrepparttar 141620 way to a sensible well structured joint venture. As always, take legal advice before committing to any legal arrangement.

Jeff writes article on the day's legal issues for the public, and often contributes to website the free site for useful legal advice and tips.

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