Personal Goal Setting - 10 Tips

Written by Steve Gillman

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7. They are motivated. Havingrepparttar goal forrepparttar 148116 right reasons is a good start. You should also learn how to re-motivate yourself, and reward yourself when you make progress.

8. They consider personal factors. Can you really get what you want if you feel like you don't deserve it? Maybe, but good goal setting takes into account personal changes that are necessary or useful.

9. They are followed by action. One ofrepparttar 148117 keys to motivation and to getting where you want to be is to start with any movement towardsrepparttar 148118 goal. Action begets action. Start slow if you must, but start.

10. They are not written in stone. Goals naturally evolve. Why would you become a doctor once you learned that you liked doing lab work better?

The last one is a tough one. An excuse and a change of course are notrepparttar 148119 same thing, but to knowrepparttar 148120 difference means you need a certain level of self-awareness. Develop that, applyrepparttar 148121 keys to personal goal setting above, and you'll get to where you want to be.

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Canít Memorize Anything? Why Your Memory Stinks

Written by Sten Andersen

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The real problem is with attention. We are used to not paying attention to so many things! How can we remember something if we did not really attend to it inrepparttar first place? The answer: We can't.

Don't believe me? Okay:

Do you know whether a cow's ears are above, below, behind, or in front of her horns?

Where are they?

Would you bet me a hundred dollars on that?

Try this one. Have you ever seen cats climb trees and descend them? Now, do they come down head or tails first?

If you answered head first, then think aboutrepparttar 148115 shape ofrepparttar 148116 claws!

Tearing Up Your Business Papers

The reason for this failure to easily rememberrepparttar 148117 events of yesterday and last week is to be found inrepparttar 148118 fact that you have made no effort atrepparttar 148119 time to impress these happenings upon your subconscious mentality. You allowed them to pass from your attention likerepparttar 148120 proverbial water fromrepparttar 148121 ducks back. You did not want to be bothered withrepparttar 148122 recollection of trifles. So you maderepparttar 148123 mistake of failing to store them away.

There is a vast difference between dwelling onrepparttar 148124 past, and storing away past records for possible future reference. To allowrepparttar 148125 records of each day to be destroyed is like tearing uprepparttar 148126 important business papers in an office in order to avoid giving them a little space inrepparttar 148127 files.

Now why on Earth would you want to do that?

Sten Andersen makes it easy to remember everything from the periodic table to poems To find out how to improve your memory starting today, visit:

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