Personal Discipline and the Home-Based Business Owner

Written by Elena Fawkner

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It's all very well to set a work schedule and stick to it, it's quite another to spend that time doing what has to be done rather than what you'd rather be doing. Sure, we'd ALL prefer to read and respond to email than writerepparttar next chapter of our e-book. Reading and responding to email is easy. Writing is hard! But reading and responding to email won't grow your business. Creating new product lines will.


Following on fromrepparttar 117646 previous point, if you're spendingrepparttar 117647 first three hours of your peak concentration time reading and responding to email rather than writingrepparttar 117648 next chapter of your book, you're doingrepparttar 117649 right things atrepparttar 117650 wrong time. Yes, you do need to read and respond to your email but it's not an intellectually demanding task. Do it when your brain is winding down, not when it's at its sharpest. Dorepparttar 117651 hard work when your brain is at its best.


Doingrepparttar 117652 right things atrepparttar 117653 right time is all for nought if you're going to be interrupted every ten minutes. Turn OFF repparttar 117654 email program that chimes every time you get new mail. Most likely it's NOT a new order and, even if it is, it will still be there atrepparttar 117655 time of your next allocated email check.

Similarly, letrepparttar 117656 answering machine answer your private phone. Get a second line installed to be used exclusively for your business. And letrepparttar 117657 machine get THAT when you're not working. Maintaining separate worlds as much as possible isrepparttar 117658 best way to avoid burnout.


The best-laid plans of mice and men and all that mean that you need to be flexible in response to an unanticipated change in your schedule. If something comes up that needs your attention when you had intended to be working, by all means attend to it. Just make uprepparttar 117659 time later on. It's swings and roundabouts. It all comes out inrepparttar 117660 wash.


Finally, my favorite tactic. Reward yourself for gettingrepparttar 117661 job done. Nothing motivates me more to finish a set project thatrepparttar 117662 knowledge that when I do, I have full permission to curl up onrepparttar 117663 couch with a good book for a couple of hours.

Give yourself an incentive to get whatever it is done. Then you can truly enjoyrepparttar 117664 best of both worlds. You can relax and enjoy whatever your reward is, free ofrepparttar 117665 guilt that comes with knowing very well you should be doing something else, and withrepparttar 117666 certain knowledge that you've taken care of business first.


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Elena Fawkner is editor of A Home-Based Business Online ... practical business ideas, opportunities and solutions forrepparttar 117669 work-from-home entrepreneur. Also, visit Elena's newest site, Web Work From Home

Elena Fawkner is editor of A Home-Based Business Online ... practical business ideas, opportunities and solutions for the work-from-home entrepreneur. Also, visit Elena's newest site, Web Work From Home

Can You Avoid Scam? Yes, of Course.

Written by Irena Whitfield

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ad 4) lack of proper communication - a couple of examples to getrepparttar feeling: a) you receive a reasonable email offer, you reply and that's it - no response b) you come across an interesting service or product on a website, you contactrepparttar 117645 webmaster for more info, and again, no response c) or you receive a response but it's clear thatrepparttar 117646 person just replies without reading your mail at all d) correspondence containing bad language, no structure, no names, no facts, you don't know whyrepparttar 117647 person writes you, just advertising.

ad 5) misleading information - eg if someone promises something free to you but you've got to pay a membership fee or any other cost to get it.

ad 6) hype advertising - as soon as you see an ad or receive an email promoting hype or scam you know that you're not dealing with a proper business professional, so it's a waste of time for you to start a co-operation.

ad 7) fraudulent conduct - a completely different category is a person intentionally trying to get your money ie a person who knows he's promoting hype or scam or behaves fraudulently on purpose, trying to rob you of money or time and credibility - just a little example: companies trying to make you promote them, work for them or offering a service or product but knowing that you wouldn't for a reason, so they don't tell you but they (=the better ones) state this in their terms of use, knowingly expecting that you won't read it, others (=the worse) don't tell you at all until you sign up a contract and learn yourself onrepparttar 117648 way, companies not paying out your earned money within an acceptable period though cashing their commissions and using your money to finance their business.

The above are just little examples occurring in thousands every day. And now you're asking how to cope, what to do to avoid it and to protect yourself, your time and your business.

The only way to go is to develop your sense to know at once, as soon as you come across such an item.

How to learn: experience isrepparttar 117649 answer. Learn, read, apply, test, take your time to study, listen to others, learn from others, stop your chaotic run from one opportunity to another, don't think you miss something if you stop for a day, a week, a couple of months and study and grow. The vital point is to read, and to learn how to read: once you utter you have no time to read, you're finished. The real start is to grow yourself into a true entrepreneur, and you can't without reading and studying. It needs a complete change in thinking, inrepparttar 117650 attitudes, inrepparttar 117651 life values, responsibilities, discipline.

An entrepreneur is not a person making a few bucks for a couple of months without working, but who is able to work hard, to accept risks, to be responsible for himself, for his business in good and bad, forrepparttar 117652 people dependent on him, to develop and acceptrepparttar 117653 lifestyle he imagines, and support it and retain it not for a couple of years but for a couple of generations. An entrepreurship is not a seasonal job, it's not a job at all, it's not a business opportunity, it's a lifestyle, a specific way of thinking, it'srepparttar 117654 ability to accept obligations, hard work, discipline -repparttar 117655 bigger and tougher,repparttar 117656 higherrepparttar 117657 lifestyle you want to have for yourself and your people, not only your family.

The good news is that it's not necessary to be born an entrepreneur (though it's much easier if you are) but you can grow yourself into one. Andrepparttar 117658 other good news is that good, real opportunities will always be around because true entrepreneurs invent them allrepparttar 117659 time, and as soon as you grow into a real, professional, a true entrepreneur, you will discover your own inventiveness, you will be able to develop your own ideas into opportunities for yourself andrepparttar 117660 people you want to help to achieve what they imagine for themselves.

Irena Whitfield is the webmistress of - Internet Business Consultants for 3rd Millennium helping people to succeed in their online home business. If you want to make fast progress, subscribe to her successful Ezine 'Pathway To Success'

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