Permission Marketing With Tip Sheets

Written by Roger C. Parker

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2.Promote your tip sheet. Promote your tip sheet everywhere: on your business cards, in your e-mail signature, in your ads, article bylines, and search engine advertising. Mention your tip sheet when speaking or attending networking events. Always describe how to obtain your tip sheet by visiting your web site.

Use tip sheets and print-on demand postcards to convert postal mailing addresses to e-mail addresses. Tip sheets promoted with postcards can efficiently reactivate previous clients and reach out to prospects who have not yet given you permission to contact them via e-mail. Using postcards to promote tip sheets avoidsrepparttar many problems associated with unsolicited e-mail, i.e. spam.

3.Sign-up. Make it easy for web site visitors to locate your tip sheet. Your tip sheet and newsletter sign-up offer should be prominently placed atrepparttar 124173 top of your home page. Describerepparttar 124174 benefits your newsletter offers subscribers and stress your privacy policy.

Set up your web site so autoresponders will deliver your tip sheet, addrepparttar 124175 recipientís name to your newsletter mailing list, and inform you ofrepparttar 124176 new contact.

4.Track your results. Experiment with additional tip sheet topics. Use different e-mail addresses or web site landing pages to determine which topics and media generatesrepparttar 124177 best results.

5.Expand. If desired, you can use tip sheets asrepparttar 124178 basis for in-depth treatments of each topic. You can expand tip sheet topics into newsletters, special reports, e-books, presentations, speeches, teleconferences, and audio recordings.

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A Word Fitly Spoken ~ Destiny

Written by C.L. Mareydt

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Within life Destiny can be as simple and heartwarming as apple pie. It can produce a force that glows withinrepparttar heart one moment, to be not realizedrepparttar 124172 next. That's Destiny. It marks your life whether young or old or in-between. Maybe in a dozen small moments and maybe in one grand moment. But Destiny works it's grace upon us all asrepparttar 124173 seconds of our life pass in all its choices.

If not seen ofrepparttar 124174 many, it is beheld within one's heart. Destiny often draws like a magnet in directions unplanned only chosen. But most often in a quiet way Destiny awaits your choices. Destiny awaits your time. Your purpose. Your heart.

Destiny is after all, your response to life and life's response to you!

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