Performance Tuning of a Daffodil DB / One$DB -JDBC Application

Written by Parveen Aggarwal

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PreparedStatement gives better performance when compared to Statement because it is pre-parsed and pre-compiled. This means that compilation and parsing of such statement is done only once byrepparttar database. Afterwardsrepparttar 147413 database reusesrepparttar 147414 already parsed and compiled statement. This significantly improvesrepparttar 147415 performance because whenever a statement has to be executed repeatedly, it doesn't need to be parsed and compiled time and again. Sorepparttar 147416 overload incurred by parsing and compilingrepparttar 147417 same statement can be reduced.

When there is a requirement for single request to process multiple complex statements, CallableStatement gives better performance as compared to PreparedStatement and Statement.

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This article has been contributed by (Mr.) Parveen Aggarwal, Technical Consultant to DSL India ( With more than 6 years of industry experience in Java and allied technologies, he has an in-depth understanding of J2EE, J2ME and database management systems. Parveen is currently working on the concept of data-archiving in embedded databases. He can be contacted at

The Printer Cartridge Review

Written by Martin Smith

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Printers' years ago used to be very expensive andrepparttar reason for this was becauserepparttar 147373 print heads that would stamprepparttar 147374 image on paper was withinrepparttar 147375 printer. Ink and/or toner were added to a reservoir orrepparttar 147376 printer used ribbons to stamprepparttar 147377 image on paper. Now printers are fairly cheap,repparttar 147378 cost comes when you have to purchaserepparttar 147379 ink cartridges for it. One would think that it would almost be worth it to buy a new printer instead ofrepparttar 147380 cartridges becauserepparttar 147381 price ofrepparttar 147382 cartridges is often more than some ofrepparttar 147383 more basic ink jet printers available.

The current price of cartridges while currently expensive have some technology in them that is complex and actually overrepparttar 147384 long haul will end up being cheaper than it would be to replace print heads often. Print heads are now contained withinrepparttar 147385 cartridges themselves. The exciting thing about that is you could have your printer for a very long time if you userepparttar 147386 correct cartridges for your printer.

Color cartridges workrepparttar 147387 same as black cartridges by squirtingrepparttar 147388 ink through tiny nozzles ontorepparttar 147389 paper in horizontal strips asrepparttar 147390 cartridges move back and forth acrossrepparttar 147391 page. The color cartridge however, has three reservoirs with cyan, magenta, and yellow ink, each in a separate reservoir.

The image quality can depend on a number of things. Paper quality can affectrepparttar 147392 image you get. Brightness and absorption ofrepparttar 147393 ink arerepparttar 147394 two main things that affect image quality. Brightness is exactly how brightrepparttar 147395 color or print image is while absorption is how effectivelyrepparttar 147396 paper absorbsrepparttar 147397 ink. For inkjet printers it is best to use paper made specifically for inkjet printers. You will getrepparttar 147398 best possible image withrepparttar 147399 proper paper. Also checkrepparttar 147400 settings of your printer and/or your display properties, these things can also affect your printing project.

Depending onrepparttar 147401 paper you use and your printer, you may want to leave your documents alone for a little while sorepparttar 147402 ink can dry. Some printers have an ink saver setting that will put out less ink, which will dry faster, and still give you a near perfect image. Get to know your printer and how it works.

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