Perfect Pot Coffee from Gabby Goodies

Written by Shannon Barnard

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can imagine it would be great iced with some milk and maybe even a splash of Amaretto liqueur. Some flavored coffees Iíve tried smell good, butrepparttar flavor doesnít make it throughrepparttar 151110 brewing. If you like flavored coffee, I recommend trying Perfect Pot coffee from Gabby Goodies. The 2 oz. foil packets come in 19 flavors and some are available in decaf. Gabby Goodies offers a whole range of gourmet goodies including coffee, tea, cocoa, cookies, mixes and dips. Browse around Pattyís site at to take inrepparttar 151111 full line of products.

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Bread Baking Made Easy!

Written by Beth Scott

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You will probably also want to userepparttar butter knife to scraperepparttar 151087 excess cornmeal offrepparttar 151088 bottom and sides ofrepparttar 151089 bread as you may not care forrepparttar 151090 taste of cornmeal.

This bread baking secret will work whether youíre baking a batter bread or a rising bread (also called yeast bread). I personally use it for both.

Here is another treasured bread baking secret, this one only for batter breads:

Onrepparttar 151091 last ten minutes of its baking time coverrepparttar 151092 bread pan containingrepparttar 151093 batter bread with another bread pan (a steel bread pan works best), and leave it on untilrepparttar 151094 bread is finished baking.

This will keeprepparttar 151095 batter bread from burning or becoming too hard on top. You may varyrepparttar 151096 time you leaverepparttar 151097 steel bread pan on according to how your batter bread usually looks when it is finished.

If it is a very dark brown on top and difficult to slice becauserepparttar 151098 top is so hard, then 20 minutes will work best. But if it is just a little too hard on top and a little too brownrepparttar 151099 10 minutes should suffice.

Do not coverrepparttar 151100 bread at all if it usually comes out golden and soft on top afterrepparttar 151101 baking is completed.

You may also glaze a batter bread on top with a tablespoon of melted butter mixed with a tablespoon of honey, and sprinkle some flaked coconut or sliced nuts on top of that.

To glaze you start by takingrepparttar 151102 bread out ofrepparttar 151103 oven five minutes beforerepparttar 151104 required baking time is finished, then spreadrepparttar 151105 butter/honey mixture on top ofrepparttar 151106 bread, sprinkle on your coconut or chopped nuts and bake forrepparttar 151107 remaining 5 minutes.

Here is another useful bread baking tip for rising breads...

If your bread loaves over rise (say because you were busy and forgot about them), then you can use a pair of scissors to cut offrepparttar 151108 excess sides, being careful not to cut any dough from off ofrepparttar 151109 top.

You may then use this excess dough to make rolls. You simply oil a pizza or cookie sheet and formrepparttar 151110 dough into several small balls.

Rise them for another half hour and then bake on 350 degrees Fahrenheit for 15 to 20 minutes or until golden brown.

Do yourself a favor and put these tried and tested bread baking secrets immediately to use in your kitchen, and your family will rave overrepparttar 151111 results.

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