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Written by SusieScrapper

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Girl, General, and Wedding. I also make them to order. If you would like information aboutrepparttar albums that I make, just e-mail me at


I am a Scrapbooking Instructor. I have been scrapbooking for about 8 years. I love this hobby and it is so great that I can make a living doing what I love!!

Grandpa's Knife

Written by Gary E. Anderson

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Finally, after what seemed a very long time, he’d begin to talk, softly but firmly, about whatever it was we’d done, why it was wrong, and how disappointed he was that we were having to have this talk. Allrepparttar while, thin slivers of wood gently floated torepparttar 116187 floor as his knife deftly cut intorepparttar 116188 stick he was whittling.

By keeping his eyes fixed on his whittling, Grandpa made certain he never sawrepparttar 116189 tears rolling down our faces asrepparttar 116190 consequences of our actions washed over us. He never tried to drive home any big point. He always spoke in gentle tones and when he was finished, he stood, snapped his old knife shut, put it back in his pocket, and turned to walk away, never quite looking at us directly.

“Clean uprepparttar 116191 shavings, will you, boys?” he’d say as he slowly walked offrepparttar 116192 porch. The lesson had been learned, and there was nothing left to say.

You know, people don’t seem to whittle like they used to, at least, notrepparttar 116193 way Grandpa used to, or forrepparttar 116194 same reasons. I don’t even carry a knife, and neither do most folks I know. But there are times when I’m working atrepparttar 116195 lathe in my shop—when a long piece of wood curls up fromrepparttar 116196 knife and floats down torepparttar 116197 floor—when I’m suddenly eight years old again, watching my grandpa sitting onrepparttar 116198 porch swing, whittling.

I reach down, pick uprepparttar 116199 shaving and watch it curl around my finger. Then I just stand for a long moment, remembering, until a thought crosses my mind. Maybe I will get myself a small pocket knife, after all. You never know whenrepparttar 116200 urge to whittle might overtake me.

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Gary Anderson is a freelance writer, editor, ghostwriter, and manuscript analyst, living on a small Iowa farm. He’s published more than 500 articles and four books. He’s also ghosted a dozen books, edited more than 30 full-length manuscripts, produced seven newsletters, and has done more than 800 manuscript reviews for various publishers around the nation. If you need writing or editing help, visit Gary’s website at

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