"Penury Perpetuates Poverty"

Written by Robert Leggett

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Overrepparttar years, I have discovered certain truisms that work for me...my unfolding perception of "reality." One of these truisms is “My reality follows my mind!” If I "think" limited, my reality is limited. If I dare to dream, by golly those dreams materialize in time. My quest for "reality" really consciously began about 1969 when I became very dissatisfied with what was happing to me in my little world. I had a penurious mind-set and I saw very little hope of ever rising above my status at that time. Well...I still have to be frugal...but there is always glorious hope I'll do better. And...overrepparttar 146505 years...I have!

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It is all too easy to become frustrated trying to become successful...especially overrepparttar 146506 Internet. Whether in real or cyber space, it is vital you decide what you want. Focus on it. Strive for it. If you reach a true dead-end...look around...find your next dream. Oftentimes in striving for a dream...a better one surfaces. Yes...you will have to be frugal at times...sometimes too many times. As long as you do not fall intorepparttar 146507 self-imposed "hell" of a penurious mind-set, you will eventually succeed. Look for positive aids to boost your mind and emotions in a positive direction. I have discovered what works for me. You are also very individual and will find what works for you at any moment. Go for it!

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What to do when your Alarm Clock doesn’t Wake You Up

Written by Pankaj andy

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·Your hurry should not let you forget to lock your house. It is never too late to secure your house.

·Hasten up and reach to your car. But remember to checkrepparttar fuel. This saves fromrepparttar 146481 snag of stopping of your vehicle inrepparttar 146482 middle and often at a place where petrol pumps are unavailable. Ifrepparttar 146483 fuel needle points to nil make sure that you get it refilled fromrepparttar 146484 first petrol pump you encounter.

·After allrepparttar 146485 hurly burly when you arrive at your office don’t just start screaming at your staff. For others are not aimed to pay for your unpleasant morning. Don’t get agitated. Be calm and amiable torepparttar 146486 rest ofrepparttar 146487 people. Make an effort to depart yourself fromrepparttar 146488 morning blues.

·Last but notrepparttar 146489 least work in an unruffled and poised manner. Bear in mind that a day not well begun does not entail a day ending in worse.

Finally, one should learn from such slip-ups. Check your alarm clock whether it is functioning accurately or not. If it is thenrepparttar 146490 entire gaffe is on your part. From next time make sure that you arrange and organize your essentials (your ironed outfit, papers etc.) beforehand. Sleep on time so that you do not fail to listen torepparttar 146491 alarm bell. Keep in mind that you might have got spared from your boss for reaching late once but not always. So be cautious for safety is always better thanrepparttar 146492 cure.

Pankaj andy writes about alarm cock topics.

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