Penny Wise

Written by Bob Osgoodby

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Ezine advertising is one ofrepparttar most effective, inexpensive forms of advertising available onrepparttar 102651 web. You can get your message out to thousands of prospects for a few dollars. If you can't afford to advertise like this, you can't afford to be in business.

The old "saw" that "it takes money to make money" certainly holds true when conducting a web based business. Butrepparttar 102652 beauty here is that you don't have to invest thousands to get started.

Many people trying to earn income onrepparttar 102653 web will fail, however a well thought out program will make money. Is there any "magic formula" which will guarantee success? Yes, but some are either to busy with their regular job to pursue this like a business, while others who do haverepparttar 102654 time, would rather spend it in other activities, and are simply taking a "shot" hoping to get something for little or no effort.

In order to succeed in any business, online or off, you have to give itrepparttar 102655 proper attention, and approach it in a business like fashion. And atrepparttar 102656 risk of using a "dirty word" you have to "work", and approach it like a regular job. If you hope to build an online business, you cannot sit back and hoperepparttar 102657 world will beat a path to your door - they won't. You have to promote your business to getrepparttar 102658 prospects interested in what you are trying to sell.

People will invest their hard earned money in a program, but don't take that next important step and spend a few bucks to promote it. They search out inexpensive programs to work with, and they are being "penny wise". But they don't spendrepparttar 102659 few extra dollars to promote it. That is being "pound foolish".

If you are "penny wise and pound foolish" in your approach to running any business, you will not succeed. If you approach it in a business like manner, you will achieve success.

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Secrets to a higher "Conversion Ratio"

Written by David McKenzie

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a.. The more focussed your web siterepparttar better your conversion ratio. If you are promoting 100 different products or services your CR's will be low. If you promote 1 product or service at your site your CR will be MUCH higher. With affiliate programs repparttar 102650 lessrepparttar 102651 better. a.. How often you promote your affiliate programs. The more often you promote each programrepparttar 102652 higher your CR will be. a.. How many links on your site. The more affiliate linksrepparttar 102653 higher your CR will be. But do not get carried away here. Do not let your web site look like a flea market because your CR will be bound to go down. By concentrating on these factors you should be able to achieve a CR of 1%. By doing these things even better you may be able to get it to 2%.

But do not expectrepparttar 102654 CR to rise overnight. A visitor today may only turn into a sale in 6 months time. So make sure you have 12 months of data before properly assessingrepparttar 102655 conversion ratio.

The most important thing is marketing your affiliate programs. More marketing means a higher CR which means more money for you.

So monitor your conversion ratio and make it your goal to improve it.

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