Pennies On The Dollar - Buying Audio Software Smart. Part 8

Written by David D. Deprice

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Advanced WMA Workshop is WMA to MP3 converter, WMA Encoder, WMA Decoder with Windows Explorer-like interface, allowing you to convert (with ID3 Tag v2 support):

* WMA to MP3 * WMA to OGG Vorbis * WMA to WAV PCM * WMA to WMA 9 (resampling) * MP3 to WMA 9 * MP3 to OGG Vorbis * MP3 to WAV PCM * MP3 to MP3 (resampling) * OGG Vorbis to WMA 9 * OGG Vorbis to MP3 * OGG Vorbis to WAV PCM * OGG Vorbis to OGG Vorbis (resampling) * WAV to WMA 9 * WAV to MP3 * WAV to OGG Vorbis * CD to WMA 9 * CD to MP3 * CD to OGG Vorbis * CD to WAV PCM

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Neon Tetras

Written by Linda Paquette

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One major problem withrepparttar neon tetra is its susceptibility to neon tetra disease. When you buy your fish, inspect them closely for any signs of disease or weakness. Physically a sick fish will be paler in color thanrepparttar 137820 healthy ones, but an easy way to spot illness is when a neon prefers to be alone rather than joining in its school. Unfortunately, there is no cure for neon tetra disease. In its advanced stages,repparttar 137821 fish becomes crippled. It loses use of its tail and its spine is noticeably curved. Neon tetra disease is a degenerative disease, believed to be caused by environmental factors. Because of this, it isnít thought to be contagious, but it will keep affecting your school until you have rectifiedrepparttar 137822 conditions that cause it. Common causes of neon tetra disease include poor water conditions and harassment by other fish. Neon tetras are also very sensitive to loud noises and bright lights.

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