Pefect Computer Sport Game - Airstrike II

Written by David D. Deprice

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In addition to new terrain types and environments, AirStrike 2 features terramorphing, which changesrepparttar landscape as a direct result of your actions. Plus, after passing a level and killing its boss, you can fly through bonus levels to empty your adrenaline tanks and releaserepparttar 136866 unused rage. Simply fly and kill for fun and pleasure, while getting ready forrepparttar 136867 next missions.

Each mission in AirStrike 2 is preceded by a small briefing, and radio communications withrepparttar 136868 command center are carried out on a regular basis to keep you engaged.

Last year Game Tunnel nominated AirStrike 3D for Best Action Game, Best Sound, Best Graphics and Best Non-Network Multiplayer. They'll have to come up with new categories this year for AirStrike 2. "In our opinion, this AirStike 3D graphics--especiallyrepparttar 136869 explosions--are top-notch, andrepparttar 136870 sound effects and theme music are right onrepparttar 136871 money." Download.Com

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Written by NLCATFISH

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Fired uprepparttar motor and went upriver to a favorite spot and got onrepparttar 136729 inside of a barge to blockrepparttar 136730 wind. I did spot a number of catfish so dropped my anchor. Fished about 15 minutes when I sawrepparttar 136731 rod tip take a hit. Picked uprepparttar 136732 rod and feltrepparttar 136733 line get tight, then pulled back and setrepparttar 136734 Hook. The catfish dove down heading forrepparttar 136735 protection ofrepparttar 136736 barge. With my stiff pole and 30 pound test line was able to turnrepparttar 136737 fish my way. When he got torepparttar 136738 surface saw he was a nice Channel cat. Once I got him inrepparttar 136739 boat was able to check his size. Weight was 6.5 pounds and 25 inches long. I took 2 photos of me holding him via a self-timing camera. Hopefully they will turn out O.K. for I have a jury rig set up to supportrepparttar 136740 camera for taking such photos. Fish for around 20 more minutes, but no more bites.

Made up my mind to get offrepparttar 136741 Ohio River and get out ofrepparttar 136742 wind, so went uprepparttar 136743 Licking River. Did spot a few fish withrepparttar 136744 fish-finder, stopped to try my luck.. These fish also were not interested in my tasteful offerings. Took my boat up river to check out Banklick Creek. The creek was a little deeper than I expected 6-7 feet. I as very disappointed by not locating ANY fish as I scouredrepparttar 136745 area. Turnedrepparttar 136746 boat back intorepparttar 136747 Licking headed forrepparttar 136748 ramp to call it a day.

Two days with a total of 10 hours of fishing, tried 13 different fishing spots. I did put in a lot of effort forrepparttar 136749 one bite, which did put one nice fish inrepparttar 136750 boat as my reward. Not all fishing trips are productive, even if a person is using a boat. There will more days to wet my lines inrepparttar 136751 up coming months to hook into a big catfish. I wish each and everyone tight lines. webmaster for Cincinnati Catfishing AND SHOP WITHOUT DROPPING Over700Bargings4YOU

Have been catfishing around the Downtown Cincinnati area of the Ohio River for over 40 years. Gone catfishing at Lockport 5 times over the past 10 years. It is the greastest place to catch lots of huge CHANNEL catsfish in North America!!

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