Written by Jerry Lopper

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We declare wars on poverty, AIDS, and terrorism. Poverty, AIDS, and terrorism still exist, proof that war energizes its targets.

War is good forrepparttar economy, though we would never harbor war for that reason. Or would we?

We believe war is natural because we’ve been warring for centuries. People have always killed other people: that’s justrepparttar 132319 way it is, we say.

We confuse natural with normal. Normal means a behavior is prevalent and accepted. Natural means a behavior is inherent. It is normal to kill others because we created a violent culture. It is not natural to kill others, contrary to claims that survival behaviors in nature support this thesis. Humans do not naturally and inherently need to kill to survive.

We’ve decided to kill to resolve our conflicts. This isrepparttar 132320 culture we built.

Tomorrow’s culture begins today. You and I, acting with love, acceptance, and respect, begin to form tomorrow’s culture. You and I, acting with vengeance, hatred, bigotry, or greed begin to form tomorrow’s culture.

Which culture shall we shape today?

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Written by Lalith

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The cease-fire agreement has createdrepparttar required environment for peace talks. The people of Nagaland are relieved ofrepparttar 132317 violence which they have been experiencing forrepparttar 132318 past five decades. But it is thought provoking that if still each family has to pay taxes torepparttar 132319 underground groups then what isrepparttar 132320 the definition of peace.

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