Paying for Targeted Traffic with Goto and Google

Written by Merle

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When getting started with you'll get better results if you choose many keywords or phrases to bid on. Minimum recommended to start is 20, but I'd recommend more for better results. When bidding on key terms try to bid enough to get your listing into one ofrepparttar top 3 positions. The top 3 listings are guaranteed to show up on Goto's partner sites like Direct Hit and some ofrepparttar 128402 other top search engines and will appear as "partner" or "sponsored" links.

Your bids and keywords can be edited at anytime with repparttar 128403 use ofrepparttar 128404 "Direct Traffic" center control panel. Reports are also emailed to you on a monthly basis showing all activity and current rank for each word.

Google AdWords Program:

Google's program is fairly new and creating a big buzz online. The way it works is you create a short classified ad and then select keywords you want to be found under. When someone does a search on a key phrase you've chosen your ad will appear onrepparttar 128405 results page onrepparttar 128406 right hand side ofrepparttar 128407 page.

Pricing for ad words is based onrepparttar 128408 position in which they're shown. Google positions ads based on how many users click on it over time. Current rates are $15.00, $12.00 and $10.00 (per thousand impressions, or ads shown) for positions 1,2 and 3 and $8.00 per thousand for positions 4 through 8.

Accounts are easy to open with a credit card and Google even walks you throughrepparttar 128409 ad creation process. You'll get best results by choosing keywords that are very specific to your website. Stay away from common keywords that will rack up impression charges and not bring you any customers.

Ads are limited to 25 characters forrepparttar 128410 title and 35 characters forrepparttar 128411 2 text lines andrepparttar 128412 visible URL. After registering you are given access torepparttar 128413 site via a user name and password so you can view reports on your clickthroughs and impressions. Ad campaigns can also be easily added to, started and stopped at will.

Spending money on marketing your website is a given. If you're going to payrepparttar 128414 search engines money make sure you're spending it with a "results based" model like Goto or Google so you know you're gettingrepparttar 128415 best "bang" for your buck. Sure, you have to spendrepparttar 128416 money, just spend it wisely.

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Promoting Your Site With Doorway Pages

Written by Mathew Zupanec

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long list of keyword inrepparttar keyword meta tag. Keeprepparttar 128401 number of meta keywords down to around 6 words or so. Example: (META NAME="Keywords" CONTENT="doorway pages, bridge pages, doorway bridge") Meta ROBOTS Tag One other meta tag worth mentioning isrepparttar 128402 robots tag. This lets you specify that a particular doorway page and linked pages should be indexed by a search engine. Example: (META NAME="robots" CONTENT="index,follow") HEADINGS Some ofrepparttar 128403 search engines give extra relevance to keyword phrases that appear within a heading tag. The best doorway pages will include an (H1) tag withrepparttar 128404 keyword phrase and one or two subtitle tags containing other key phrases. Example: (h1)Doorway Pages(/h1) ALT The ALT tag definesrepparttar 128405 text to display for a graphic ifrepparttar 128406 user has graphics turned off, or if they putrepparttar 128407 cursor over it in web browser. Some search engines will look for keywords inrepparttar 128408 ALT tags. Example: (IMG SRC="logo.gif" ALT=" For More About Doorway Pages, Click Here"(/a) BODY TEXT Add about 200 to 400 words of content whererepparttar 128409 keyword phrases are repeated three or four times in different ways. Use complete sentences, make each sentence different. COMMENT You can insert hidden "comments" into your page that are not visible torepparttar 128410 user. A couple of engines will read this text. Example: (!--Begin Doorway Pages Navigation--) (!--End Doorway Pages Navigation --) HYPER LINKED TEXT Use one or two hyperlinks. We suggest two links, if possible. This helps avoidrepparttar 128411 problem of being considered "spam". Example: (a href="" rel="nofollow")More About Doorway Pages(/a) (a href="" rel="nofollow")Click Here For Help(/a) FILE AND DIRECTORY NAMES Be descriptive with your file and directory names. Make sure at least one keyword phrase appears inrepparttar 128412 folder and file name and try to put it atrepparttar 128413 beginning. Always use hyphens (-) or underscores (_) to separaterepparttar 128414 words in your file and directory names. Example: doorway-pages/doorway-bridge-page.htm Before you create your doorway page make sure you visit this site where you can find example of doorway page. TIP: Placerepparttar 128415 copies of your doorway pages at somebody else's server. They will have a different address but will performrepparttar 128416 same in bringing you extra visitors.

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