Payday Loans: Personal Finance Savior Or Disaster?

Written by Joel Walsh

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• A few companies offer no interest loans to first-time borrowers. Find them. Be aware ofrepparttar length ofrepparttar 151179 loan and any other terms to help you chooserepparttar 151180 best payday loan lender. Be sure you knowrepparttar 151181 total amount you’ll have to repay before you takerepparttar 151182 cash.

• Always readrepparttar 151183 fine print.

• Payrepparttar 151184 loan when it is due, on your next payday. The payday loan period may be extended, but you’ll have to pay additional (and large) interest and finance fees. Also, if you do not repayrepparttar 151185 loan with your next paycheck,repparttar 151186 lender may even automatically renewrepparttar 151187 loan by withdrawingrepparttar 151188 fees from your checking account. This could cause you to be overdrawn and incur penalties from bothrepparttar 151189 lender and your bank.

Meet Frank: A Real-World Payday Loan Story

Frank’s car broke down and he needed $300 fast. Panicking, he went online and choserepparttar 151190 first web payday lender he found. He filled outrepparttar 151191 simple form and had his money in his checking accountrepparttar 151192 next day to be repaid in a week. The fee was $30.

When payday came, Frank couldn’t afford to pay backrepparttar 151193 $330 so he asked for an extension, which he got for another $30. Sorepparttar 151194 next payday Frank had to pay $360 to cover his $300 payday loan.

If Frank continued doing this for a year, he would end up paying $1560 in fees. Most likely,repparttar 151195 lender wouldn’t letrepparttar 151196 loan ride for that long. But this shows how expensiverepparttar 151197 payday loan fees really are, when you compare them withrepparttar 151198 interest on bank loans or even credit cards.

What should Frank had done?

• Frank should have looked at more than one web payday lender, checking forrepparttar 151199 best terms and lowest interest rate.

• After choosing a lender, he should have checked it out withrepparttar 151200 Better Business Bureau to be sure it is reputable.

• He should have had a plan for repayingrepparttar 151201 web loan before he gotrepparttar 151202 money so that he could have paidrepparttar 151203 loan on payday and not needed an extension.

So, how can you do better than Frank?

Payday loans or cash advances are lifesavers for short-term, small cash problems. With thought and care, you can solve your temporary money problems quickly without making your long-term financial situation worse. Start your search for a great payday loan at a reputable website today.

Joel Walsh suggests you start here to find good lenders of payday loans: [Web publication requirement: create live link for the URL/web address using "payday loans" as visible link text/anchor text.]

Independent Financial Advisors

Written by Dan Noyes

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Every advisor inrepparttar registry has a rating that is based on competence, integrity, and risk characteristics. You can review advisor answers in professional profiles and disclosure statements, onrepparttar 151178 website. Evaluaterepparttar 151179 experience and competency of many financial professionals, even while protecting your privacy, and decide onrepparttar 151180 one you find suitable. You don't have to register until you've settled for your advisors, and want to contact him/her. So, depending on your requirements, selectrepparttar 151181 advisor you need, free of charge and with no obligations.

If you have been fretting over your bad personal financial management lately, it is time to find your financial advisor. When you plan your finances now, you will definitely reaprepparttar 151182 rewards inrepparttar 151183 long run. With guidance from an independent financial advisor, you will see your money growing before your eyes. Remember - findingrepparttar 151184 right financial advisor is your first major decision towards a secure financial future.

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