Pay Per Click Search Engines - A Fundamental Overview

Written by Kirk Bannerman

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3). What percentage of your pay per click budget should go to each search engine?

4). Does either Google Adwords or Overture work better for your particular product or service? Or, perhaps neither one is appropriate from a return on investment (ROI) perspective.

It is of critical importance to focus sharply on identifyingrepparttar search terms that convert most frequently for your particular site, eliminating those that don't perform, and most importantly, calculating and maximizing your return on investment.

The cost structure of pay per click is action-driven and each time a user clicks your ad,repparttar 117228 pay per click engine deductsrepparttar 117229 amount of your current bid from your account. Pay per click offers a high level of assurance that your ad is reachingrepparttar 117230 proper target.

Pay per click campaigns, however, are not perfect. Without CONSTANT monitoring, you sometimes risk incurring advertising costs that can spiral out of control, focusing on terms that don't convert well for your product or services, or falling way down in position during a bidding war.

PPC advertising can be a great help to a site's success, but only with very close supervision and a thorough knowledge ofrepparttar 117231 unique characteristics of each PPC search engine.

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Written by Charles Lalonde

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I find that most people have a difficult time defining their WHAT and WHY correctly. When doing this, you need to be very specific and focused. For example, you may define your WHAT and WHY this way: "I want to be a millionaire (the WHAT) so that I can help disadvantaged children reach their true potential (the WHY)." This is good, but may I suggest something even more powerful: "I want to have a million dollars in cash (the WHAT) so that I can open a self-development center and help disadvantaged children reach their true potential (the WHY)." It's very important forrepparttar WHAT to be specific. In our first example, if you become a millionaire in assets like land, you won't haverepparttar 117227 cash for your project to help children. Furthermore,repparttar 117228 WHY must also be specific because it'srepparttar 117229 WHY, notrepparttar 117230 WHAT, that motivates you to succeed. The following steps are recommended to establish your WHAT and WHY for success: 1. Make a list of everything you want, and then prioritize your list until you have narrowed it down torepparttar 117231 top five most important. 2. Now, write out in detail WHY you want these five things that you have identified as your WHAT. 3. Next, carefully analyze which one of these five things you wantrepparttar 117232 most. Remember, you must passionately want this one thing, or it will not haverepparttar 117233 power to motivate you. 4. Finally, determine HOW you will achieve it and what training you will need to succeed. A quote by Albert E.N. Gray will provide you with a final thought on this subject: "But as long as you live, don't ever forget that while you may succeed beyond your fondest hopes and your greatest expectations, you will never succeed beyondrepparttar 117234 purpose to which you are willing to surrender. Furthermore, your surrender will not be complete until you have formedrepparttar 117235 habit of doingrepparttar 117236 things that failures don't like to do." ___________________________________________________________

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