Pay Per Click Search Engine Marketing - Starting A Campaign

Written by Martin Lemieux

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Once you've entered your "Key Words & Phrases" now you're going to be asked to enterrepparttar maximum amount of money you want to pay every time someone clicks on your ad.

Ex. If someone searches "Legal Services", you enter that you will pay a maximum of 0.07cts per click.

This will give you a pre-qualified potential client for 0.07cts.

Let's move on a little now..

Assuming that your ad is all set up and already onrepparttar 128317 way. Now you can return to Google, log into your account and see how your "Key Words & Key Phrases" are performing with your campaign.

It might read something like this....

1. Legal Services -- Ad was viewed 2000 times -- Clicked on 100 times. 2. Lawyers in Ontario -- Ad was viewed 4560 times -- Clicked on 9 times.

Now you will get a much better understanding at what your potential clients are searching for and what they are actually clicking on.

KEY NOTE: Try to experiment with this as much as possible and as quickly as possible so you can really begin your Pay Per Click Search Engine Marketing.

Are you ready???

Now that you have your predetermined key words of phrases you want to use, you can now start looking into pay per click campaigns. Per per click search engines are a little different compared torepparttar 128318 Google Adwords because instead of getting a small ad off torepparttar 128319 right you are now going to bid on actual search engine placements.

1st thing you want to do is to visit a pay per click search engine. For instance, you might want to visit: or or any other pay per click search engine online and test your new key words to determine whatrepparttar 128320 top placements are paying for those spots.

Ex. Let's use "Lawyer Services" again, type in that phrase in any ppc search engine and look atrepparttar 128321 top placements! It should read something like this...

5) Legal Our firm is dedicated to helping you win your case each and every time. Cost: $0.10

The key is to look atrepparttar 128322 cost. The cost is what "Legal" was willing to pay forrepparttar 128323 5th search engine placement.

And there you go, you now haverepparttar 128324 basic knowledge to plan out a pay per click campaign. Always remember to lay out how much you are willing to commit to your search engine campaign and keep yourself to it.

I recommend to all my clients to atleast masterrepparttar 128325 Google Adword program. Google's search engine isrepparttar 128326 #1 hotspot onrepparttar 128327 internet for potential clients, why not get a slice ofrepparttar 128328 pie!

Good Luck To All!


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Google bring Deskbar search to Windows desktop. Now any website can take advantage of this search technology.

Written by Michael Ginzburg

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PromoClock has developed a new desktop search technology that turns your one-time visitors into steady traffic by allowing them to search your site directly from their desktops. To search your site, users simply type their search terms inrepparttar desktop search box and click onrepparttar 128316 "search" button. Users keeprepparttar 128317 search box running inrepparttar 128318 background at all times giving them constant reminders and opportunities to search and patronize your site.

PromoClock's desktop search box is not just a simple search tool. It is a full marketing application that brands and promotes your website directly on desktops. Each Search Box can be custom designed based on your logo, website images or even Flash presentations. Further enhance your desktop search box with custom menu entries, banner ads and even your own desktop icons. You may also send time-sensitive alerts for added usefulness and advertising exposure. Alerts can include site related tips, product coupons, company news, event notifications and more. For sites looking to entice users with more than just a desktop search, PromoClock is also a useful desktop alarm clock that tells time and activates personal alarms.

So has Google claimedrepparttar 128319 desktop search? Maybe for now, but with PromoClock's easy and inexpensive desktop search box, other sites will be soon to follow.

Reach author Michael Ginzburg at or simply go to for more information.

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