PayPal Payment Notifications on Your Phone

Written by Robert Plank

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Send a test e-mail to that address to make sure your phone gets alerted.

Now let's setup an e-mail forwarder just for PayPal notifications. Go into your cpanel and go torepparttar E-Mail section and choose Forwarders (it might be a little different on your web host). Add a forwarder for "" where is your domain name.

This forwarder should point to your main e-mail address andrepparttar 146093 SMS e-mail address. Separate them with a comma. So if your main address was something like, we would be forwarding to:,

Send a test e-mail to your address and check to make surerepparttar 146094 test message gets to bothrepparttar 146095 phone and your regular e-mail address.

Finally, change your notification address in PayPal. Login, go to Profile -> (Account Information - Email), and add an e-mail address like which will only be used to notify you of payments. Once that's added be sure to hit "Make Primary."

Get a friend to pay you a penny through PayPal. You should get notified via e-mail AND on your phone. Now when you get an order and are atrepparttar 146096 library or playing inrepparttar 146097 front room with your kids you can take a minute to call your customer and thank them forrepparttar 146098 sale, instead of sitting in front ofrepparttar 146099 computer all day.

If you really want to impress a customer, addrepparttar 146100 ability for them to enter a phone number (it's an option you can choose when you create your payment button).

When you get paged you could checkrepparttar 146101 transaction and see first of all, if they provided a contact phone number, and if they did, check their state or country to make sure you aren't calling inrepparttar 146102 middle ofrepparttar 146103 night in their timezone.

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