PayPal Dedication Can Leave Your Business Exposed!

Written by Drew Michael

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PayMate Claims it isrepparttar fastest and safest global trading service onrepparttar 144060 Internet. It has no set-up fees, gateway fees, etc. Has a very high User Satisfaction and continues to add new improvements on a regular basis. Transaction fees for credit card payments are charged at 2.4%. Please visit their web site for more information on transaction fees.

PaySat With PaySat you can sell your products/services Online and enjoy such features as: International Merchants Accepted; Instant Application Approval; Product and Recurring Billing; Easy To Use Plug-N-Play Code; Flat Low Rates; No Set-up Fee; Multi domain/brand support; and Intelligent Fraud Detection System. PaySat is only in its 2nd year of operation but has a pretty good reputation. Transaction fees are 5.3% plus 39 cents.

Paystone Great service that started in 2002. Free to open an account with instant approval. Fees to receive payments range from 2.8% + $0.10 for micropayments to 2.8% + $0.30 for transactions over $5.00. There are no set-up or monthly fees.

PaySystems PaySystems Internet Merchant Account Solution is designed to meetrepparttar 144061 specific needs of Internet and mail/telephone order merchants. Available for U.S. and European-based businesses,repparttar 144062 PaySystems Internet Merchant Account Solution allows merchants to expand their payment options, increase sales and focus their management efforts on growing their business. PaySystems has no application fees and no merchant account set-up fees. Offers highly competitive rates on transaction fees but you must contact them using their online form at for more information.

ProPay USA With ProPay, merchants can accept payments by credit card onrepparttar 144063 Internet and by phone. There is no expensive equipment, no statement / gateway fees and no long term contracts to use their service. Annual fees range from $34.95 - $299.95 with transaction fees ranging from 3.50% plus $0.35 to 2.69% plus $0.25, depending onrepparttar 144064 type of account you desire.

RegNow RegNow isrepparttar 144065 software industry’s premier registration commerce provider. RegNow makes running a successful online shareware or software publisher business easy by putting a highly advanced platform, customizable technology and powerful resources right at your fingertips. No charge to apply but there is a one-time account activation fee of$9.95 and transaction fee is 16% with a $2.00 minimum charge. In business since 1998, provides an easy system for users to pay for software and data licensing fees by providing a variety of payment methods. There is a one-time set-up fee of $50.00 and transactions are processed at 8.9% with a $3 minimum.

share-it! share-it! is used by over 30,000 Software Publishers for their e-Commerce Solution. share-it! works on a commission basis. In other words, after licensing your program, they retain a service charge of either USD/EUR* 2.95 + 5% (Pricing Model A) or 14.9% but no less than USD/EUR* 2.50 (Pricing Model B) and ) and forwardrepparttar 144066 remaining amount to you.

StormPay A very good service which has been around since 2002. Free to open an account with instant approval. Fees to receive payments are 6.9% plus 69 cents. There are no set-up or monthly fees.

SWREG SWREG,repparttar 144067 oldest online software store inrepparttar 144068 world, has been in existence since 1987. All their prices include credit card processing on their merchant account. Technically, you sell to SWREG on consignment and they sell on torepparttar 144069 end user. SWREG accepts Micro Payments for 69 cents for items to $7 in value. Default discount is $1 + 6% with a minimum fee of $1.50 (2% surcharge for American Express). This account will be charged a $20 monthly fee withrepparttar 144070 first payment to you each month made with no transmission costs (free wire for instance). Visit for complete pricing information.

YowCow YowCow is a new company that offers online processing and a 5-level deep affiliate program. No merchant account is needed and you can begin selling today with no monthly fees and a free shopping cart. Has numerous account plans available. Please visit for in-depth information.

Other Options Worth A Look:

Cardservice International at Charge.Com at Credit Card Processing Services at at Free Merchant Source at e-gold at GreenZap at IntGold at Merchant Warehouse at Peppercoin at Total Payment Solutions at VirtualBank at

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Drew Michael is a webmaster and marketer. He is the owner of The Business Junction at, a major software and entrepreneur directory. For a free subscription to The Business Junction Newsletter and free software downloads subscribe at:

Does Your Business Need a Newsletter?

Written by Steve Dimeck

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How often would you want to send it out?

That depends on various factors. Some businesses contact their subscribers as often as every day, others as infrequently as several times per year. You can do it once per week, twice a month or once a month.

More often, and your subscribers may unsubscribe or routinely delete your messages. Less often, and you're allowing your competitionrepparttar chance to win over your potential customers.

What works for you depends a lot on what you are selling, what information you can give to them, how often your subscribers will want to hear from you, etc. But most importantly, your time availability. How soon can you getrepparttar 143373 newsletter ready?

The newsletter is an excellent integrity builder. It builds you as an expert inrepparttar 143374 field.

More than 90% ofrepparttar 143375 people will not buy from yourepparttar 143376 first time they see your ad. They will want to get to know you and see if they can trust you. Only then will they consider buying from you. If you don't have a newsletter, how else are you going to buildrepparttar 143377 trust with your visitors?

Your newsletter will prove to your subscribers that you or your business is not a "fly by night." You're serious in what you're doing and you mean business. They will begin to trust you and slowly but surely become your valuable long-term subscribers and buyers.

What's your subscription ratio? With other words, how many people are subscribing to your newsletter every month vs. how many are unsubscribing?

When you see more people unsubscribing from your newsletter in one month than people subscribing, you're either doing something that they don't like or you're not providing quality information.

The way you treat your subscribers will berepparttar 143378 same way they treat you. You treat them with respect, they will return same respect back to you. You give them value, they give you value. You take care of them, they take care of you.

You give them crap, ……… boy oh boy. They will give you 10 times more crap back to you. It takes a long time to buildrepparttar 143379 credibility andrepparttar 143380 trust, but you can lose it all in one simple e-mail.

I saw it with my eyes when one supper-affiliate tried to take advantage of his subscribers by trying to profit from them while delivering sad news. Hundreds of them unsubscribed in one day and many of them sent him nasty e-mails back.

He was a topic of nasty conversations in many forums.

The quality ofrepparttar 143381 content in your newsletter isrepparttar 143382 other determining factor ofrepparttar 143383 ratio betweenrepparttar 143384 people subscribing in one month vs.repparttar 143385 people unsubscribing. What is quality, you might ask?

Quality content is useful content. It addresses a need or solves a problem. So, ask yourself what problems or needs your subscribers have, and use that as a starting point for developing quality content.

But, don't be too constrained. People have a need to laugh, learn, get informed, and so on. For example, typically useful content might: save time or money, entertain, inform or educate.

A good rule of thumb would be to providerepparttar 143386 information that will be useful to your subscribers. Only, don't stop at "good enough." After you're done writing your newsletter, read it yourself.

If you getrepparttar 143387 "WOW!" feeling, your subscribers will too. If you getrepparttar 143388 "WHATEVER" feeling, guess what? We're all humans. We all think alike. Your subscribers will see you as "whatever" person too.

How do you balance your content with promotions?

More promotions and less content, your newsletter loses in value. Onrepparttar 143389 other hand, if you,repparttar 143390 publisher, don't benefit too, then you're just being charitable with your time (byrepparttar 143391 way, that's a perfectly valid reason to be publishing).

So, it's a bit of a riddle - how to produce content that readers are interested in, and atrepparttar 143392 same time ensure you get a (financial) benefit too. A good guideline is to keep it at around 80% content and 20% promotions.

When a reader finds himself or herself coming close to a purchase decision, who will he or she turn to? He or she will turn to a credible and trustworthy source of relevant advice and information. And that's you my friend!

Your newsletter deserves time and attention - it isrepparttar 143393 voice of you and your business and will help you build relationships with your customers (and potential customers) in a way that no other tool can.

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