Pay-Per-Click Advertising The Basics

Written by Halstatt Pires

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If you site charges clients a reoccurring monthly fee, you can bid in excess of your immediate profit margin. To do this safely, you must determine how longrepparttar average customer will stay on your site. For example, if you make a $10 profit per month andrepparttar 144183 average customer pays for 5 months,repparttar 144184 total profit is $50. In this situation, you can spend $20 or $30 to obtain a customer and still turn a profit. To properly manage a PPC campaign for a reoccurring charge site, you must recalculaterepparttar 144185 profit per customer ever week to protect yourself.

PPC Cons

Why not just use a PPC campaign instead of pursuing search engine optimization? There are a number of reasons. First, you are paying for each click with a PPC, which requires a budget and may impact your cash flow. Second, PPC bidding is competitive and that translates into higher costs, so much so that a profit may be hard to make. Third, many people simply do not click on PPC ads withrepparttar 144186 figure being as high as 20 percent. Fourth, you runrepparttar 144187 risk of having people click on your ads with no intention of buying, whether they are just browsing or are trying to exhaust your advertising budget.

PPCs definitely have a place inrepparttar 144188 online marketing field. Manage your campaigns with an eye for detail and you should fine.

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Promote Your Site Directly

Written by Lee Munson

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"...there is clear evidence that directory submission works."

Directory submission is a well established and often overlooked search engine optimisation strategy. Unlike many new techniques travelling alongrepparttar webmaster grapevine, there is clear evidence that directory submission works. Before submiting to free directories had a google page rank of exactly zero. Now, after submission, just one page rank update later,repparttar 143769 same site is at google page rank 4. This is not a unique case. Right, so you're convinced ofrepparttar 143770 need to submit your site but want some more tips and tricks to help you alongrepparttar 143771 way. Firstly, many directories require an email address to allow them to verify your listing, I would strongly recommend that you use a free email address rather than a company one. Gaining inbound links is important but there is no need to clutter your inbox inrepparttar 143772 process. Secondly, when entering your website url, unlessrepparttar 143773 form specifically instructs you not to, remember to includerepparttar 143774 'http://'. This is important because many systems create your listing automatically and withoutrepparttar 143775 http:// your link may not work, being treated as a page ofrepparttar 143776 site you have submitted to rather than a link to an external site. My final tip to set you onrepparttar 143777 right trajectory for your race torepparttar 143778 top ofrepparttar 143779 search engine rankings is to enter an accurate, keyword rich but not overtly promotional site description. If you try to userepparttar 143780 description as an advert, many free directories will reject your submission. However, if you keep your description accurate and keyword rich it will mean your listing gets accepted and search engines will be able to index your site more accurately.

So how do you get inbound links without spending loads of money and time? Directory submission. Simple as that.

All that is left for me to do is to wish you good luck with your site and all future endeavours.

Lee Munson is the webmaster for

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