Paving Stones

Written by Matthew Anthony

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Rather than this being a discouragement, though, many homeowners findrepparttar prospect of creating a natural flagstone patio a challenge, and a well-made patio an accomplishment in which they can take pride for years to come. The homeowner who wants to try his or her hand at creating a unique patio floor will find plenty of information on how to lay paving stones, as well as patterns for some ofrepparttar 148351 more popular accents and styles at many manufacturers' and DIY web sites.

Choosing a Pattern for Your Stonework

The pattern you choose should be one that makesrepparttar 148352 most ofrepparttar 148353 space that is to be paved. A narrow walkway or path through a garden, for instance, won't displayrepparttar 148354 intricate beauty of a sweeping fan as well asrepparttar 148355 wider expanse of a full patio, while a patio can be as simple as an evenly spaced coursed pattern or as intricate as a tiled mosaic circle set into a squared frame.

The pattern you choose should also take into accountrepparttar 148356 color and style of stone that you've chosen. The top surface of your stones may be sawn, riven or naturally domed. A polished sawn stone lends itself naturally to more intricate patterns that rely as much on color as laying pattern. A riven stone lends a more rustic look to your patterns, and reclaimed stones offerrepparttar 148357 time-worn look of casual elegance.

Whether you choose newly quarried stones or reclaimed, cobbles, flags or sets, limestone, sandstone, slate or York stone, nothing compares withrepparttar 148358 timeless beauty of real stone.

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The Importance of Garden Decor

Written by Denny Soinski

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Let Your Personality Shine Through

Garden decor helps calmrepparttar spirit, sootherepparttar 148267 soul, and delightrepparttar 148268 senses. By letting your individuality shine through as you select your decorative accents, you will transform your garden into one ofrepparttar 148269 most meaningful experiences in your life. The challenge is to capture moments of wonder, joy, and inspiration and experiencerepparttar 148270 lasting pleasures of beauty andrepparttar 148271 splendors of nature by decorating your garden in a way that is congruent with your noblest thoughts, feelings, and aspirations.

Your Garden Sanctuary

Strive to decorate your garden with ornaments that magically call you to return to your garden sanctuary. Look at different garden products and decide on decorations that motivate you to tap into your playfulness or into your artistic bent as you contemplate how you will decorate your garden. In a word, you can add richness, depth, and a sense of discovery to your garden with different garden ornaments.


In conclusion, garden decor is significant because it is an invitation for people to open themselves torepparttar 148272 magic, torepparttar 148273 wonder, torepparttar 148274 meaning, and torepparttar 148275 pleasure that gardens and garden related accessories can bring to their lives.

Denny Soinski is the owner of the highly successful company “Water Fountains and Garden Decor.” Denny’s website features garden decor accents including water fountains, vases, birdhouses, lanterns, sculptures, birdfeeders, planters, and windchimes. This article is copyrighted (c) 2005 by Denny Soinski and may be reprinted in its entirety as long as this byline and copyright statement is included.

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