Paul McCartney at The Superbowl

Written by Peter Cross

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1. Forgive me for saying this, but Hip Hop and House "music" is beginning to bore them. There simply isn't enough variety inrepparttar genre, and everythingrepparttar 135880 artists have to say lyrically has been said, said, and said again. 2. The body of rock and roll music that was created betweenrepparttar 135881 1950's and 1990's is staggering in its size and variety. It dwarfs all other genres except for classical music, and because of it's depth, it's not boring. 3. Rock and roll music can be defined as sexual energy expressed in sound. I don't thinkrepparttar 135882 young people are aware of what is happening, but they are "coming of age", and what that means is they are experiencing their own powerful sexual energy forrepparttar 135883 first time in their lives. Simply put, they are connecting sublimally withrepparttar 135884 very music which embodies that energy. No other form of music has ever done that so well, and that's why so many adults and religious fanatics have called it "The Devil's music." I couldn't disagree with those misguided people more. I won't argue about it. All I will say on that subject is that ALL creativity comes directly from God, who isrepparttar 135885 creative force itself.

So in conclusion, Paul's performance atrepparttar 135886 Superbowl representsrepparttar 135887 sports world's biggest show honoring one ofrepparttar 135888 greatest and most talented rock stars ever. As an historic event, it signalsrepparttar 135889 beginning of a massive return to what wasrepparttar 135890 most creative time in musical history, includingrepparttar 135891 classical Bach, Mozart and Beethoven era because althoughrepparttar 135892 music was very complex, it just doesn't haverepparttar 135893 breadth of style that rock and roll has. I'm talking about doo wop music, country rock, rhythm and blues, soul music, top 40 rock,repparttar 135894 British invasion, reggae rock, balads, political songs, sex songs, love songs, comedy rock, andrepparttar 135895 list goes on. Jazz is certainly high onrepparttar 135896 list of creative musical forms, but again, it just hasn't gotrepparttar 135897 breadth and depth. The Recording Industry Association of America, who hasrepparttar 135898 correct statistics, lists The Beatles asrepparttar 135899 best selling artists of all time with 166.5 million albums sold inrepparttar 135900 USA alone, Elvis is second with 117.5 million, and Led Zep is third with 106 million. I think it's very significant that those statistics are becoming geometrically times greater thanrepparttar 135901 number of albums that they sold during their performance lifetimes. What has happened and is happening is thatrepparttar 135902 young people of today are discovering them in droves because they are coming of age sexually and they recognize and connect withrepparttar 135903 most powerful musical example of that sexual power.

Considering that Paul is known as beingrepparttar 135904 most popular songwriter in history, Paul was typically humble too. After he finished playing, he shouted torepparttar 135905 audience, "You were great ! Thank you Superbowl". Now THAT is a true rock star in action.

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The Lore And Beauty Of Turquoise

Written by Lee Dobbins

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Turquoise is mined in many places aroundrepparttar world including Iran, China, Turkey, Persia, Egypt adnNorth America. The color ofrepparttar 135831 stone depends onrepparttar 135832 minerals that are inrepparttar 135833 ground. Blue stones are found where copper is present, green stones are found where iron is present a yellowish green stone which is quite rare is found where zinc is present andrepparttar 135834 White Buffalo turquoise found in Nevada is mined where there are no minerals present.

If you wear turquoise jewelry, take care to clean it carefully. This porous stone can be easily damaged if submerged in chemical cleaners. Never use steam or ultrasonic cleaners for your gemstone jewelry. The gentlest method of cleaning is to dip a Q-tip in warm soapy water and wiperepparttar 135835 stone with that - wipe again with plain water to remove any soap residue.

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