Pattaya Beach [Thailand] Dawn Freak Show - Pattaya Beach at sunrise is a great place for 'people watching'

Written by Tony Wells

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Falang [Foreigner] Drunkards

These arerepparttar falang or farang.. [that’s ‘foreigner’ in Thai language] guys who had obviously been out drinking [to much!] and partying all night and didn’t even yet realize it’s alreadyrepparttar 118260 next day approaching. They are already so drunk but still insisting torepparttar 118261 bar waitress to, ‘give me another round’. By now they are so totally wasted and clueless that nothing really mattered to them anymore. The nothing that really mattered anymore includes [but is not limited to]repparttar 118262 following; a) The Very Sexy Girl that they had earlier bar fined who was already so tired and pissed-off with this drunkard that all she wanted to do now was to go back to her bar and sleep. Sitting there watching.. I felt sorry for these girls.. what a waste! b) The bar waitress was even fed-up with these kinds of guys already. The next drink she wanted to give this drunkard should have a mickey in it sorepparttar 118263 guy would just pass out onrepparttar 118264 bar and be done with it. She’d be doing him a favor.. believe me. c) They’re so wasted that they’re about to pass-out onrepparttar 118265 bar.. at which time any Thai thief or rejected Katoey will be able to casually walk over and empty their wallets and pockets for them [well.. at least then they wouldn’t have anymore money to pay for anymore drinks so this would force them to go back to their hotel to either sleep it off or.. get more money and come back!].

Last Call For Alcohol Girls

These arerepparttar 118266 girls that nobody wanted… not evenrepparttar 118267 drunkard above. These girls were totally ignored by so very many horny foreigners and they haven’t a clue why. Perhapsrepparttar 118268 fact that they’re ugly as sin may have had something to do with their rejection. I don’t know.. just thinking out loud. But hey, even ugly girls have feelings and they deserve to be loved also. Anybody ever heardrepparttar 118269 saying, “I’ve never gone to bed with an ugly woman.. but I’ve woken up with a few!?” LOL

Ok, so.. these not so pretty girls.. they’re still hopeful so still staying out there onrepparttar 118270 streets.. hoping and praying that some drunk or sucker or reject guy will grab them and bring them back to their hotel rooms and make wild passionate love to them.

Pissed-Off & Rejected Katoeys

Now here’s a group you won’t find anyplace else inrepparttar 118271 world! Only in Thailand do they haverepparttar 118272 most beautiful [and sometimes.. not so beautiful] Katoeys! For those of you who don’t know what a Katoey is, let me enlighten you. A Katoey is a Ladyboy, HeShe, SheMale, Tranvestite.. you get my drift now.

Believe it or not.. they’re in big demand in Thailand. Many foreigners [usually those old, bald, fat foreigner guys] love to play inrepparttar 118273 sack with Katoeys! That’s a known fact [so please don’t take offense if you’re reading this and you happen to fitrepparttar 118274 Katoey liking description] LOL. Nothing personal guys. Hey, just to be fair.. I’m sure there’s also some young, not-bald, slim foreigner guys who also like to roll inrepparttar 118275 sack with Katoeys [there.. you happy now?].

Now.. Katoey’s have feelings too.. and if you’re a totally rejected Katoey you’re probably a bit pissed-off come morning time. By this time of morning you can see rejection written all over their faces.. and they’re none to happy about it either so they’re still out looking.. praying.. hoping.. that they may still have a chance to find a horny little fat and bald foreigner guy to take them back to their hotel room and give them a good … um…. rear-end screwing… with some payment afterwards.. Of Course! How else are they going to make a living?? LOL

So, folks, there you have it. Now you know exactly whatrepparttar 118276 Pattaya Beach Dawn Freak Show is all about so if you ever get a chance to visitrepparttar 118277 place perhaps you can even joinrepparttar 118278 show if you’re still up partying at sunrise there. LOL


Tony Wells is an American who’s first Asian eye-opening experience was in 1982 when he went there to work as a Commercial Oilfield Deep Sea Diver. He’s currently writing a book about his life’s story as the only Black American Commercial Diver in SEA and all other his wild and crazy experiences in Asia.

He has also written articles for airline in-flight magazines such as; Silver Kris, Wings of Gold, and Hemispheres as well as some local Singapore newspapers.

Letters from North America

Written by Peary Perry

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The point of all of this was to determine if animals have a sense of time. Obviously any animal (human or rodent) stoned on grass loses track of time and cannot concentrate. Not that rats and mice have to be anywhere at some specific time anyway, but I suppose it’s good to know they couldn’t be relied upon inrepparttar event we needed them for some important national security issue or something. One ofrepparttar 118259 researchers was quoted as saying “We and other animals have a sense of time. We can judge how long we have been waiting for a bus, for example, and decide thatrepparttar 118260 current wait is longer or shorter than usual.” He went on to say…”The marijuana-like substance dramatically alteredrepparttar 118261 ability ofrepparttar 118262 rats to maintain sustained attention. The implication is clear, that marijuana smokers shouldn’t drive after smoking.”

He didn’t elaborate on who should or shouldn’t drive. Rats or us? I’m also confused aboutrepparttar 118263 bus part. I haven’t taken a bus in quite a long time, so I can’t tell you from first hand experience, but have rats taken to ridingrepparttar 118264 Metro in parts of this country?

Boy, am I glad we spent a ton of taxpayer bucks to make a study of this magnitude. Not to be cynical, but I wonder what happens to those rats if you make them chug down, say four or five vodka martinis? They probably need to call a taxi. Friends don’t let rats drive, do they? I’m looking intorepparttar 118265 possibilities of a federal grant to studyrepparttar 118266 effects of obesity in ferrets if they eat forty hot dogs a day for a month. I’ll keep you posted on my progress.

I was born at a very early age. I arrived in this world with very little. It was during the war and according to my parents, names were being rationed out. My Mom was kind of slow and she couldn't run very fast. I guess by the time she got down to the Federal Bureau of Names, all of the Johns, Jims, and Davids were gone.

So, according to what I've been told…she just settled on two names that were the same, but weren't. As in Peary Perry.

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