Patriotic Music: Surprising Secrets About Those Flag-Waving Sounds

Written by Scott G (The G-Man)

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"Americarepparttar Beautiful," Katharine Lee Bates, 1895, 1904, 1913. Originally a poem that Bates twice revised after its first publication in 1885, "Americarepparttar 137866 Beautiful" was sung to several different melodies. The song associated with it today is "Materna," composed by Samuel A. Ward in 1882, but it was also often performed torepparttar 137867 tune of "Auld Lang Syne."

"Stars and Stripes Forever," John Philip Sousa, 1896. Composed on Christmas Day, "The Stars and Stripes Forever" has becomerepparttar 137868 country's official march (US Code, Title 36 Chapter 10). Sousa wrote lyrics torepparttar 137869 song, but they are little known today (sample: "Let martial note in triumph float / And liberty extend its mighty hand / A flag appears 'mid thunderous cheers, / The banner ofrepparttar 137870 Western land.)"

"Yankee Doodle Boy," George M. Cohan, 1904. "You're A Grand Old Flag," George M. Cohan, 1906. "Over There," George M. Cohan, 1917. Known as "the man who owned Broadway," Cohan was a superstar beforerepparttar 137871 term was coined. While his film biography is called "Yankee Doodle Dandy,"repparttar 137872 title of his first big tribute to America is actually "The Yankee Doodle Boy." Cohan excited U.S. audiences again in 1906 with "You're a Grand Old Flag," althoughrepparttar 137873 original line was "You're a Grand Old Rag." It was America's entrance into World War I in 1917 that inspired Cohan to write "Over There," for which he received a congressional medal.

"God Bless America," Irving Berlin, 1938. The prolific Berlin (900+ songs despite being unable to read music) originally wrote this song right afterrepparttar 137874 first World War, but did not complete it until just before World War II. Kate Smith first performed it during her radio show on Armistice Day, 1938. An immediate sensation,repparttar 137875 song was often suggested to replacerepparttar 137876 "Star Spangled Banner" asrepparttar 137877 national anthem.

"Star Spangled Banner," Jimi Hendrix, 1969. The legendary guitarist tookrepparttar 137878 stage near dawn onrepparttar 137879 final day ofrepparttar 137880 Woodstock Music and Art Fair. The 13th song in his hour-long set was an incendiary rendition ofrepparttar 137881 venerable tune. In a performance that was somehow savage and grand atrepparttar 137882 same time, Hendrix wrestled new levels of emotion fromrepparttar 137883 song and generations have never heard it quiterepparttar 137884 same way again.

"Apocalypse Now," Francis Ford Coppola, 1979. The music in question is "Ride ofrepparttar 137885 Valkyries," from Richard Wagner's opera, "Die Walkure (1854-56). The composition fit perfectly into director Coppola's nightmarish vision ofrepparttar 137886 Vietnam War. The sequence, featuring a helicopter attack at dawn, never fails to raiserepparttar 137887 emotions of viewers.

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The Other World Series: Poker

Written by Peter Berlin

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In 1971repparttar event changed. It became a freezeout tournament in which players bought in with a set sum and play continued until all but one player lost their money. Again Johnny Moss wonrepparttar 137836 event and with itrepparttar 137837 top prize of $30,000. ďAmarillo SlimĒ wonrepparttar 137838 event and $80,000 in 1972 and helped popularizerepparttar 137839 tournament by going onrepparttar 137840 talk-show circuit. The WSOP was starting to come into its own.

The 2005 WSOP promises to berepparttar 137841 biggest poker event in history. It has been estimated this yearís top prize could hit $10,000,000. Unlikerepparttar 137842 other World Series this dream of being a world champion is accessible to anyone overrepparttar 137843 age of 21. You donít have to be a professional poker player to play or win.

Two years ago Chris Moneymaker (real name), an accountant, wonrepparttar 137844 tournament and $2,500,000. He didnít even payrepparttar 137845 $10,000 buy-in. He won it playing an on-line poker satellite with an investment of $40. Last year patent attorney Greg Raymer (also not a professional poker player atrepparttar 137846 time) walked away withrepparttar 137847 $5,000,000 first prize. Greg too, didn't payrepparttar 137848 $10,000 buy-in as he won his entry torepparttar 137849 tournament through an on-line satellite.

Sorepparttar 137850 dream of beingrepparttar 137851 best poker player inrepparttar 137852 world can come true for anyone. You donít have to be a professional poker player and you donít have to payrepparttar 137853 $10,000 buy-in torepparttar 137854 tournament.

Believe it or not you can win your way torepparttar 137855 WSOP on-line for as little as $1.10. Thatís right, for less than a Starbuckís coffee you could be on your way to fame and fortune.

Itís fun to play andrepparttar 137856 dream can be a reality. Check outrepparttar 137857 on-line poker sites for ways to enter and maybe I'll be writing about you next year.

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