Path to Prosperity

Written by Prem Nirmal

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Step: 3: Creating Positive personal Law: Oncerepparttar re-scripting is done, it is easy to create new positive personal law. In this case, Im poor will change to Im here to create abundance. Once such positive focus is created, it is to be energized repeatedly, for it to become permanent. Whatever we focus upon GROWS! Once we createrepparttar 136697 positive personal law and focus upon it, it keeps growing.

This process clearly indicates that it is very important to keep watch on our thoughts. It is important to know what we are constantly giving power to on mental level. One ofrepparttar 136698 simple exercises is to review our daily thoughts just before going to sleep. Try to recognizerepparttar 136699 patterns. You will be surprised to seerepparttar 136700 same patterns repeating in form of different thoughts. Once you do this exercise on regular basis, it will be easier for you to recognize and relate a thought to an old pattern, which has become a personal law for you. The moment you become aware of it, followrepparttar 136701 above-mentioned steps to re-scriptrepparttar 136702 same and you have createdrepparttar 136703 positive personal law for you!

We can do a small exercise to build our re-scripting muscles.
1. My income is less. 1. I have a fantastic opportunity to increase my income!
2. I am not a good public speaker.
3. My old habits are not conducive to my growth.
4. I am highly stressed out and not able to achieve any thing.
5. My relationships are not working.
6. My survival is atrepparttar 136704 stack.
7. I have no energy left to do anything.
8. Nobody loves me. Im lonely.
9. Im not able to express myself.

Prem Nirmal, a postgraduate in Cybernetics has done extensive research in the areas of Stress Management, Intuition development, Aura Reading and Meditation Therapy. He is the visiting faculty to various Management Institutes & professional keynote speaker for many social events.

Setting Yourself up for Success

Written by Cecile Peterkin

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12. Attitude: A good attitude will allow you to turn any bad situation into a learning experience. Staying positive and surrounding yourself with friends that share a positive attitude will help you succeed.

13. Makerepparttar Best of Each Day: Makerepparttar 136561 most of every day and accomplish something - even if its something small. Every baby step counts towards your success.

14. Set Daily Goals: Setting daily goals keeps you on track. Seeing your progress will help keep you going.

15. Accept Responsibility: You will have help in many instances; however,repparttar 136562 bottom line is that you are responsible forrepparttar 136563 choices you will make.

16. Be Open to Improvement: Accept that you do not have allrepparttar 136564 answers and more importantly, be open to recommendations from other people.

17. Paint a Picture: A great way to keep working toward your goal is to picture what it will look like when you are successful.

18. Identify Procrastinations: If you have a problem with procrastination, make a list of distractions you routinely choose, so you can recognize when you are off course and get back on track.

19. Want versus Need: Do it because you want it, not because you need it. When you want something, it requires and creates intention, desire, and action all powerful tools for being successful (doing something out of need usually leads to pain, stress, and frustration).

20. Believe in yourself: Your confidence is what will get you throughrepparttar 136565 challenges.

21. Be Efficient: Use your time and effort wisely.

22. Have Balance in your Life: Makerepparttar 136566 time for both hard work and pleasure.

23. Have Fun: Fun is a crucial element of success, but one that often forgotten once we get intorepparttar 136567 process. Find fun and joy in what you are doing, even inrepparttar 136568 midst ofrepparttar 136569 challenges.

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Cecile Peterkin is a Certified Career Coach, Retirement Coach and Speaker. With over 17 years of managerial, leadership, empowerment counseling and personal development experience, Cecile specializes in helping Middle Managers overcome the Middle Syndrome of being stuck in a middle position in mid-life. To learn more about Cecile, visit her website at or call 416-782-5001, Toll-free:1-866-486-4112.

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