Patchwork Quilters with Arthritis or Carpal Tunnel Syndrome

Written by Kaye Rue

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I had searched high and low with no success apart from a little plastic thing with suction cups about as useful as fingernails, he informed me he would go and make me something. Off he went, to 'the shed'. Several days later he came in withrepparttar prototype ofrepparttar 138143 RuleSteady. I've never looked back. I've not wasted a single piece of fabric through ruler slippage since. And I Never make a cut without it. We have also found thatrepparttar 138144 rulesteady is of great benefit to those quilters with Arthritis or Carpal Tunnel Syndrome. For information on purchasing one ofrepparttar 138145 two sizes go to

Manager of Patchwork Interactive

Displaying Posters

Written by Rosana Hart

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All apartments and houses have many places that you can display posters:

Any wall, so long as you can see it. If you can't get far back from it, choose a poster that looks good up close.

Doors, both going into a room and insiderepparttar room.

A garage or carport. The bathroom. If you like to take baths or have a hot tub, how about an interesting poster onrepparttar 138038 ceiling over your tub? It may not last as long, due torepparttar 138039 humidity, but it can be fun for however long it lasts. A poster can be placed overrepparttar 138040 kitchen table and covered with clear plastic. This can give an interesting look, especially with white or other simple dishes onrepparttar 138041 table.

These are just a few ofrepparttar 138042 ways that you can display posters. Let your imagination take you further!

Rosana Hart is a reference librarian turned webmaster. Visit her site at for a selection of popular posters and articles about their subjects.

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