Written by Terry Dashner

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When there were a dozen other serious diseases whose microbes had not yet been found, why did Pasteur risk his life to experiment withrepparttar deadly hydrophobia?

The answer may be from his childhood. I have always been haunted, he said, byrepparttar 127609 cries ofrepparttar 127610 victims of a mad wolf that came downrepparttar 127611 street of our town when I was a little boy.

Interesting. Sometimes fear paralyzes us into useless inaction. But there are other times when fear can goad us into worthwhile action. Pasteur channeled his fear from childhood into a positive force that saved lives. Fear can be all consuming and destructive, but wise isrepparttar 127612 person who will conquer fear by directing it in a constructive way. Foolish isrepparttar 127613 person who allows his fear to immobilize him. Channel fear forward. Dont internalize it. It can motivate you or stifle you. Its always your choice.

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The why behind 1+1=2

Written by Khalil A. Cassimally

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The why torepparttar complex question suddenly became crystal clear. But I wasnt finished withrepparttar 127608 question as yet. I decided to use one ofrepparttar 127609 search engine Google, latest innovation to get a bit more info aboutrepparttar 127610 why behind 1+1=2. I therefore connected to Google Answers! Google Answers is a sort of forum where individuals ask questions and tag an amount of money onrepparttar 127611 former. A specialist then answers your question and pocketsrepparttar 127612 money. The best part of it though is if a question had already been asked and answered, anybody could view bothrepparttar 127613 question and answer free of charge.

I entered 1+1=2 isrepparttar 127614 search form and lucky me somebody else had already asked why 1+1=2 and a mathematician had indeed given an answer.

I was satisfied and thought that that question was now filed. After having joked about it, questioned my kid brother, emailed astronomers and googled it, I think I now finally have a rather good and simple answer torepparttar 127615 why behind 1+1=2.

In number base systems higher than 2, 1+1=2 because it is defined as such. Based onrepparttar 127616 definitions ofrepparttar 127617 number 2,repparttar 127618 number 4 andrepparttar 127619 mathematical operation of addition,repparttar 127620 answer is alwaysrepparttar 127621 same.

Such a simple question, which is atrepparttar 127622 base of so many complex equations, isnt that simple after all, is it? There is actually an entire book, Principia Mathematica by Whitehead and Russell (notrepparttar 127623 one by Sir Isaac Newton) which devotes several hundred pages to deriving and explanation of just why 1+1=2.

Khalil A.Cassimally is the editor in chief of Astronomy Journal and Astronomy Journal Ezine. He is also the co-founder of the RCPL Astronomy Club. He is currently Senior Columnist at and Columnist for h2g2 The Post where he writes 'Not Scientific Science' column.

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