Passive Smokers Can Get Breast Cancer

Written by Jasdeep Singh

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Smoking doesn't stop here with its side-effects. For women, smoking also increasesrepparttar risk of strokes and heart diseases. And to add fuel torepparttar 140872 fire, chances for heart related diseases gets ten-fold if they are taking birth-control pills side by side.

Besides this, smoking is also responsible for :

. Bad breath and stained teeth

. Risk of stomach ulcers and acid reflux.

. Charm onrepparttar 140873 face vanishes. Wrinkles develop soon.

. Setting up wrong examples for your children.

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Laundry Dilemma, Three Simple Questions to Save Your Sanity

Written by Paul Griffitts

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Funneling is logistics like a giant company moving goods from one place to another then torepparttar customer. The more you know about whererepparttar 140809 laundry is and in what stage it is atrepparttar 140810 easier it will be to do it. Why have appliance companies not come up withrepparttar 140811 washer that magically turns into a dryer whenrepparttar 140812 wash is done and driesrepparttar 140813 clothes without having to switchrepparttar 140814 load. I would have paid a thousand dollars for that one. Back torepparttar 140815 chore at hand, logistics or funneling your laundry torepparttar 140816 machines.

I wrestled with this concept in two ways, one was even days ofrepparttar 140817 week would be assigned to two people and odd to two others leaving Saturday and Sunday a free for all where it was open laundry time withrepparttar 140818 machines. I also toyed with getting two washers and dryers. Then I came up withrepparttar 140819 funneling technique.

Firstrepparttar 140820 categories, category one is clothes that need to be worn for work or school, they arerepparttar 140821 highest priority wash. This category of laundry is immediately upgraded torepparttar 140822 closest staging area ofrepparttar 140823 laundry funnel.

Second category is underwear and socks and towels. This category isrepparttar 140824 second highest priority. Third category is play clothes and odds and ends like dishtowels and bed sheets etc. This should cover all your laundry but feel free to change items to different categories that more suit your family’s needs. There is a fourth category that should me avoided and that is the, “I just got to have these jeans washed right away”, category.

A family using this system should not haverepparttar 140825 fourth category if you are workingrepparttar 140826 system faithfully. Now stage laundry baskets at inconspicuous places leading fromrepparttar 140827 bedrooms and bathrooms aroundrepparttar 140828 house. This may sound odd but compared with what it looks like now give it a try. The final laundry basket is at or inrepparttar 140829 laundry area. This is known asrepparttar 140830 “Current Load” basket.

To startrepparttar 140831 funneling system you need to empty your washer and dryer so installrepparttar 140832 one-hundred hanger process first and whenrepparttar 140833 washer is empty pushrepparttar 140834 final load throughrepparttar 140835 dryer. Now you’re clear forrepparttar 140836 new process.

Backfillrepparttar 140837 laundry baskets withrepparttar 140838 categoriesrepparttar 140839 way set forth and take each person inrepparttar 140840 household and explain to themrepparttar 140841 process. Tell them that only towels and socks and underwear can be put intorepparttar 140842 baskets inrepparttar 140843 bathroom and that their clothes from category one need to be put intorepparttar 140844 baskets closer torepparttar 140845 laundry. Never allowrepparttar 140846 baskets to overflow, when they are full move them torepparttar 140847 next station. Meanwhile there is a load of category one washing and that load is pushed throughrepparttar 140848 dryer and hung on hangers.

The hung clothes are hung by sorted rooms that they will need to go to and your mantra forrepparttar 140849 first month will be, “Take your clothes with you”. Byrepparttar 140850 way do not takerepparttar 140851 time to turn clothes that are inside out right side out just hang them that way. This will teach your family to right side outrepparttar 140852 clothes when they take them off and speed uprepparttar 140853 chore immensely. Same with socks, be aggressive they will learn. Learning to be a polite laundry creator is what is important; you’re not a bad laundry doer ifrepparttar 140854 people you are doing for are not good at givingrepparttar 140855 product to you.

After a while what you will discover is that people will bring their favorite clothes in category one torepparttar 140856 closest basket torepparttar 140857 laundry area. Those who don’t will miss out onrepparttar 140858 next load. If you focus onrepparttar 140859 category one clothes that incorporatesrepparttar 140860 hundred hangers concept you will find that category one will be done with minimal effort.

Category two isrepparttar 140861 most time consuming because except forrepparttar 140862 underwear no one really owns these items. Rememberrepparttar 140863 sock basket concept. Try to getrepparttar 140864 underwear right intorepparttar 140865 drawers and to do this try rollingrepparttar 140866 underwear. This is how they do it inrepparttar 140867 army. It takes up less space and is easier to keeprepparttar 140868 drawer neat.

So here are some tips to remember: 1.Getrepparttar 140869 hangers. 2.Select good locations for your baskets. 3.No clean clothes in baskets. 4.Hang everything that can be hung. 5.Install a bar that can both hold empty hangers and ready hung clothes inrepparttar 140870 laundry area. 6.Don’t right side outrepparttar 140871 clothes (this will eventually fix itself). 7.Don’t wash a load bigger than what will dry in 45 minutes (this may take a little practice and will save money inrepparttar 140872 long run). 8.Only use bleach on whites that don’t cost a lot to replace. 9.If your laundry area is downstairs only let category one laundry reachrepparttar 140873 laundry area basket when not doing laundry and userepparttar 140874 washer as a basket to build a load. 10.Tell your kids that if they don’t followrepparttar 140875 process they will not get their wash done. This is good for them and you are not a bad parent no matter what they say.

We want to hear from you so feel free to write us with your questions and comments; I would love to hear how you improved your laundry problems.

Paul Griffitts writes for and welcomes email at Paul has been a Bibical researcher and teacher for 30 years.

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