Parts of a Laptop: Batteries, Screen and CPU

Written by Melissa Knab

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Laptops usually come with modular, or swappable, bays that allow you to removerepparttar floppy drive, DVD drive and evenrepparttar 141526 hard drive. There are many reasons why this is convenient for you. For example, if you use different media for storing data, you can easily switch back and forth between media types.

The laptop is powered by an AC cord. This power supply allowsrepparttar 141527 laptop to plug into a wall and a simple ordinary plug in. This makes it easy to plug your laptop in almost anywhere you go. The only downside is that many containrepparttar 141528 power brick that can get inrepparttar 141529 way if you are working in a very small space. If this is a problem for you, you can look into more compact devices that will help you when you are working gin small space.

You know thatrepparttar 141530 biggest reason why someone gets a laptop is forrepparttar 141531 mobility. The greatest part ofrepparttar 141532 laptop isrepparttar 141533 ability to userepparttar 141534 batteries and travel anywhere with your computer. You can userepparttar 141535 AC cord just to plug it in when you need to rechargerepparttar 141536 batteries. You can also get extra batteries as backup if you will be away from a power source for a while.

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Your Hard Drive is Going to Explode Ė Why a UPS is Essential

Written by Kevin Souter

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Donít just run out and get any UPS. You want to get an intelligent one. The Ďintelligentí UPS will regulaterepparttar power without having to hitrepparttar 141525 battery every timerepparttar 141526 voltage takes a dip which greatly improves battery longevity. They also include options to hookrepparttar 141527 power supply up to your computer via a serial or USB port so you can monitor whatrepparttar 141528 power is doing. This also givesrepparttar 141529 option to allow for a soft shut-down ifrepparttar 141530 power goes out and you are away from your desk.

You can get an Uninterruptible Power Supply at most computer stores. Best Buy carries a fairly wide selection of them.

As for brands, Iíve personally used APC with much success. Opti-UPS is another excellent brand. In fact, I have an Opti that is 6 years old and still works fine, althoughrepparttar 141531 batteries now have no life to them. (Thatís to be expected. Rechargeable batteries only last so long)

Now that you know ofrepparttar 141532 importance of a UPS I would strongly encourage you to invest in one. It is far better to spend $100 now on some preventative maintenance than having to spend much more later on data recovery.

Kevin Souter is a full time computer technician. He also operates some free spyware removal and computer repair websites.

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