Parts Train Expands Facility to serve your Auto Parts needs

Written by Jenny McLane

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Parts Train has a wide array of automotive replacement parts that are sourced fromrepparttar most trusted and recognized auto parts manufacturers and suppliers inrepparttar 147094 industry with ISO-9001 and ISO-9002 certification and more. From Acura to Volvo, Parts Train hasrepparttar 147095 right part for you at justrepparttar 147096 right price you can absolutely afford. Parts Train hasrepparttar 147097 most extensive catalog of Ford Parts such as Ford Mustang Parts, Ford Ranger Parts, Ford F150 Parts, Ford Focus Parts and others. Every Ford Part that Parts Train offers is guaranteed to be of excellent quality and dependability. You can check out Parts Train's extensive Ford Parts catalog at Here you can browse through Parts Train's easy to use online store and have your Ford Part purchase delivered to your address. Indeed, Parts Train is your reliable and dependable auto parts supplier with competitive prices and excellent professional service.

Jenny McLane is a 36 year old native of Iowa and has a knack for research on cars and anything and everything about it. She works full time as a Market Analyst for one of the leading car parts suppliers in the country today.

Are you Tyred-Out ?

Written by Robin Piggott

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8.Plank of Wood … WHAT?? ….. Many years ago, inrepparttar teeth of a howling gale, I suffered a puncture on a country road late at night and due torepparttar 146986 non- stop rain that had been pouring down for several days,repparttar 146987 grass verge and edge ofrepparttar 146988 road were so soft, that no matter how hard I tried, I couldn’t raiserepparttar 146989 car sufficiently to getrepparttar 146990 spare wheel on! It was too dangerous and too narrow to moverepparttar 146991 car intorepparttar 146992 middle ofrepparttar 146993 road to get a better support forrepparttar 146994 Jack .The close proximity of a bend made it even more hazardous .In desperation, and soaking wet, I searched around and eventually borrowed a large flat stone from a nearby wall, to spreadrepparttar 146995 weight and supportrepparttar 146996 jack whilerepparttar 146997 wheel was changed. Ever since then I have carried a short plank,12 inches long and 1 inch thick and have never had a problem since .This isrepparttar 146998 origin ofrepparttar 146999 phrase as thick as two short planks! We have them on special offer this month @ €29.99forrepparttar 147000 pair! Another observation for those of you who might have a new tarmac driveway at your home, don’t attempt to jack your car up without using your plank or you will create a nice hole in your Drive! 9.Spare wheel nuts …….If you have bought a new set of alloy wheels then it is likely that they will be held on with longer than average wheel nuts .Since it is unusual to buy five alloy wheels then following a puncture you will be usingrepparttar 147001 standard spare wheel to replacerepparttar 147002 punctured one. You will need to ensure that you have in your emergency kitrepparttar 147003 standard nuts to fix this in place while you getrepparttar 147004 puncture repaired andrepparttar 147005 Alloy wheel back onrepparttar 147006 car. 10.Small Penknife…..if you are using standard factory- issue steel wheels with Plastic Hub Caps, they will be fastened torepparttar 147007 rim with cable ties, to keep them from disappearing intorepparttar 147008 hedge after hitting a bump or pothole. . These are a little difficult to remove without a blade so a penknife or Stanley knife is very useful in cuttingrepparttar 147009 cable tie before getting access torepparttar 147010 wheel nuts. Its useful also to use two ties since they sometimes break if scraped, leaving you with a missing hub cap. Original Hub Caps are expensive to replace so it is worth this little effort. 11.Towel……. An old towel and some hand cleanser are very useful to enable you to clean up after changing a wheel, particularly if you are miles from anywhere and heading for an Interview or lunch date. Punctures rarely happen at home where you have all your mod. cons. at your disposal. Apart from this, mucky or greasy hands will make your steering wheel slippery and dangerous! Some kitchen roll and spare valve caps are a useful addition also to your in-boot-kit.

About the Author. Robin Piggott is the owner of Astral School of Motoring which is based in Limerick, Ireland .He has thirty five years of Driving Experience and has driven Professionally for most of this time, including teaching in – house, before setting up his own Driving School .

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