Part IV- Different Types of Home Foundations and When to Use Each

Written by Mark Mathis

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The choice of foundation is also affected by personal preferences and costs. Basements can add thousands of dollars torepparttar cost of a home compared torepparttar 147422 cost of a crawlspace. However, when you considerrepparttar 147423 extra useable space created by a basement it is some ofrepparttar 147424 cheapest square footage space of a home. If you are tight on funds and can't affordrepparttar 147425 basement then it may be a good idea to find a slightly smaller plan and userepparttar 147426 savings to create a basement. You'll end up with a lot more storage space and potential living space by doing this.

Changingrepparttar 147427 Type of Foundation on your home:

Almost any house plan can have its foundation changed. It's common for people to design a different foundation ifrepparttar 147428 available foundations do not suit their needs. If you are currently working with a builder you may want to ask them if they will take care of makingrepparttar 147429 foundation changes for you. Sometimes with foundation design it may be helpful for somebody who is near you to do those changes because they will have more knowledge about your local soil conditions andrepparttar 147430 slope of your lot.

When changing foundation types, pay attention to where you will putrepparttar 147431 furnace, water heater, and stairs. If you need to add basement stairs,repparttar 147432 basement stairs can usually be put under other stairways or you may be able to replace a closet or small room with basement stairs. Another common place to put basement stairs is to replace a mechanical room with stairs and moverepparttar 147433 mechanical items (such asrepparttar 147434 furnace and water heater) torepparttar 147435 basement. Sometimes space nearrepparttar 147436 laundry room, or space nearrepparttar 147437 garage can be used for a basement stairs. Larger walk-in closets are sometimes reduced in size to allow space for basement stairs. You can often add a basement stairs to a plan without increasingrepparttar 147438 size ofrepparttar 147439 plan. However, sometimes space may need to be added to a plan to provide room for a basement stairs.

It should be noted that it isrepparttar 147440 owner's full responsibility to check with his/her local and state building authorities, his/her builder, andrepparttar 147441 designer ofrepparttar 147442 house plan to ensure thatrepparttar 147443 home meets all applicable building codes and requirements.

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Store Discount Cards

Written by David Catt

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Remember how much personal information that you gave them to getrepparttar discount card? Allrepparttar 147421 informationrepparttar 147422 market research companies have gathered from stores is then crunched, analyzed, compared, sorted and studied and finally put into custom reports. The report could be who is buying a certain type of item (example: chocolate chip or peanut butter cookies?) to which brand of hot dogs is selling best in a certain region to whatever type of data report a customer wished to purchased. The possibilities are endless. To get an idea, do a web search for "market research". Look at reports offered.

Who purchased these reports? One (of many) was possiblyrepparttar 147423 manufacturer ofrepparttar 147424 product that was discounted by scanning your card. The manufacturer pays forrepparttar 147425 market report with money they make from you purchasing their product. So who really paid for that discount? You did!

Humor: I wonder what those market research computers thinks when it records a single male purchasing an "unmentionable" item forrepparttar 147426 lady currently in their life! How badly does that effect their statistical analysis? :)

Untilrepparttar 147427 litter box needs emptying again!

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