Part 2 - "How to Format Your Ezine and Where to Find Free Content"

Written by Merle

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When typing in your text you need to keep your line length at 65 characters per line and hit a hard return atrepparttar end of each and every line. This is imperative. If you allowrepparttar 124370 words to wrap automatically,repparttar 124371 ezine your readers receive may have lines chopped off mid sentence and will look terrible. By using repparttar 124372 hard return you'll be ensuring that your newsletter will be readable and attractive inrepparttar 124373 majority of email clients. Never type your ezine in all caps as this is equivalent to screaming.


I highly recommend you write at least one original article a month for your newsletter; more if you can. It's OK to include work by others on an occasional basis or for filler, but your ezine will carry more weight if you takerepparttar 124374 time to write your own material.

When you do need outside content, here are some excellent sources:

You may also download this free e-book "400 Articles You Can Use in Your Ezine" at You'll also find two other very handy ebooks for publishers atrepparttar 124375 above site you may want to download as well.

Another idea for getting original articles to reprint in your ezine is to go to Egroups and subscribe to article announcement lists like this one: or They will supply you with a steady stream of new articles you can publish on a daily basis.

Don't forget to visit this site which is a fantastic resource for online publishers:

As you can see, there are many online sources that exist solely forrepparttar 124376 purpose of helping ezine publishers succeed. Withrepparttar 124377 massive amount of information available to you, there's really no reason you haven't started your own ezine. So come on, what are you waiting for? Your Net fame awaits!

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Newsletters: Your Readers and You

Written by /"Wild Bill/" Montgomery

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You will find that your readers will write to you with questions, comments, and often complaints. Don't forget now these arerepparttar same people that controlrepparttar 124369 fate of your newsletter. Treat them as you would any life giving force. Your subscribers are (99%) intelligent, well-mannered people seekingrepparttar 124370 wisdom of your print. They will express their own ideas and desires. They will ask you for your input and thoughts. Often this may be impossible, but one of your top priorities should be to respond to your readers with honest, informative information with a touch of your thrown in. Keep in mind that for every 1 malcontented feedback message that you receive there are hundreds or thousands that are happy, but never write. Think about it. How many times do you write just to tell somebody they are doing a great job, as compared to how many times you have written to complain about a product or service? After your subscriber base becomes very large (that's assuming that it will), you will find that many ofrepparttar 124371 questions will be similar. For this you can use a "replicated" or "canned" response. You can save these responses in a special text file as you create them, and call uprepparttar 124372 file when you need them.

In closing I would like to say that it's your job to get "their" newsletter out on schedule each and every time. Your subscribers will come to expect and yes, demand their newsletter on time and intact. Consider yourself a "Mailman". Neither rain nor shine, nor vacation or sickness shall deter you from your duty. If you are publishing a serious newsletter and arerepparttar 124373 sole person doing this insurmountable job, do yourself a favor and get a laptop if you haven't already. I myself have published from bed with a fever and all overrepparttar 124374 country, and you will too!

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