Part #1- "Easy Steps to Creating Your Very Own Ezine"

Written by Merle

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Cool List

Another free mailing service similar in functionality to Yahoo Groups mentioned above.


Another online leader when it comes to list hosting, it is free to set up. Easy step by step instructions and they have excellent customer service.

Group Mail Software:

If you are daring enough to want to download some free software to manage your list you won't find anything better than Group Mail. It's an excellent tool for handling and mailing to large groups of people. There are also some free handy plug ins you can download that will increase its versatility.

OK, so now that you have an ezine name, a theme and a place for your list to live, what's next? Getting subscribers; you need to make sure you add a subscriber sign up box on every page of your site to encourage sign ups. Some people resort to adding a pop up box, but I wouldn't as most people say they find them very annoying. If you do decide to gorepparttar pop up route, create one that only pops up whenrepparttar 124363 visitor exits your site.

As far as how often you should publish, you want to shoot for two to four weeks. If you go longer than one month between issues, your subscribers will forget who you are and if you publish weekly it may become overkill. But whatever you do, pick a publishing schedule and stick with it. Consistency is key. If you say your ezine will be published onrepparttar 124364 7th and 23rd, then you need to do your best to get your ezine out on those promised dates.

n Part 2 of this article we'll discuss formatting your ezine, and where to get content. In part 3 growing your subscriber base and selling ad space. For some more help you may want to download this free e-book "Ezines: A Complete Guide to Publishing" from or "Website and Ezine Promotion Made Easy" which can be found at

Publishing an ezine is an essential step in any online marketing campaign. By followingrepparttar 124365 simple directions I've outlined above you'll be well on your way to building your very own opt in list -- and that my friend, is worth its weight in gold.

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How To Build A Fee Based Newsletter

Written by Jerry Robertson

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What should you charge for your newsletter? The fee depends onrepparttar subject, but I would recommend having monthly, 6 months, and yearly prices. The 6 month and yearly price should be at a discounted rate. The monthly rate will berepparttar 124362 most popular. If you need help pricing, locate a pay newsletter in your field to get an idea of what to charge. Also, send out surveys to see what people are willing to pay.

There are many companies out there that will handle your credit card sales and your password protected web site, following is one ofrepparttar 124363 companies that will handle all of your membership needs:

They can even handle credit card sales outsiderepparttar 124364 United States and Canada, which could increase your sales by 20%. Also, they can run an affiliate program for you.

You need to promote your site. A good sales letter with testimonials can help your site be successful. Advertise and promote your affiliate program. Your affiliates can make more sales than you.

This is a quick guide to starting your fee based newsletter. With just 1,000 subscribers, you can make a considerable amount of money.

With a little work and some terrific marketing, you can make a great income with your fee base newsletter.

Jerry is the editor of the free bi-weekly newsletter Elrob Search Engine Tips and Elrob Online Biz Tips. Subscribe at:

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