Parents' Complaints --- Arrogant Public Schools Turn A Deaf Ear

Written by Joel Turtel

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Another reason is that school authorities fear that parents will complain about certain classes and curriculum subjects. For instance, many public schools have introduced classes and books about homosexuality into elementary and high-school sex-education classes. When parents find out about these classes, they frequently complain torepparttar school principal and local politicians. To avoid these complaints, public schools often try to keep secret from parents what they teach in these sex-ed classes.

Moreover, teachers, principals, and school authorities don't have to listen to those amateur, irritating parents who complain that their kids can't read. Public-school employees get tenure after a few years. That means, in effect, that it's almost impossible to fire them, no matter how bad or even mediocre they are. If you couldn't be fired, would you care about parent's complaints? That's why they don't, and that's why public-school teachers or principals can be arrogant or indifferent to parent's legitimate complaints.

Parents,repparttar 145925 solution is to stop hitting your head againstrepparttar 145926 brick wall of arrogant public-school employees. Just walk aroundrepparttar 145927 wall and don't look back. That is, consider taking your children out of public school and find real education choice and control inrepparttar 145928 education free-market. Consider homeschooling or some ofrepparttar 145929 many quality, low-cost, K-12 Internet private schools listed inrepparttar 145930 Resource section of "Public Schools, Public Menace."

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Throw a Swamp Party with Shrek Party Supplies

Written by John Lenaghan

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Shrek Food

In honor of Shrek, be sure to carry outrepparttar theme ofrepparttar 145883 swamp. A mud birthday cake is a chocolate cake covered in crumbled cookies and gummy worms is in keeping withrepparttar 145884 Shrek theme. Make small “keep out” signs to place onrepparttar 145885 borders.

Or why not host a morning party and serve waffles! Waffles served with various toppings can be a creative idea for parties even when served later inrepparttar 145886 day especially when topped with topped with ice cream, various toppings, and whipped cream. You might remember that waffles wererepparttar 145887 donkey’s friend’s favorite food. By using Shrek themed party supplies onrepparttar 145888 birthday table, you’ll create a party that is unique and memorable!

So make life easy on you andrepparttar 145889 party a memorable one with Shrek supplies for birthday fun!

John Lenaghan writes about party planning and other tips for the Party Ideas 4u website, where he provides valuable tips and advice about Halloween party ideas, birthday party ideas and other party planning topics.

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