Parapsychology: Harnessing Your Etheric Energy

Written by Jim D. Ray

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There are a number of exercises designed for frontal lobe development, both basic and advanced, many of which are available onrepparttar Internet or in related texts. While most of these activities can be performed anywhere with little preparation, a quiet, comfortable atmosphere will providerepparttar 142983 maximum result from each training session.

Frontal lobe exercises, such as meditation and memory retention activities, and even simplistic biochemical enhancements such as brainwave stimulators or incense will effectively stimulaterepparttar 142984 synaptic pathways and neural regions associated with etheric energy interpretation.

What to Expect

Increased stimulation ofrepparttar 142985 frontal lobes will promote spontaneous etheric response. Contrary to preconceived opinion held by some individuals who have yet to achieve a strong working knowledge ofrepparttar 142986 energy, increased etheric control will compliment, rather than complicate, traditional thought processes and mental activities, both voluntarily and involuntarily.

A few results of increased etheric control include:

* Knowledge is retrieved with greater accuracy and speed, with less effort * Increased empathic ability, allowing for more precise interpretation of others’ emotions, intentions and honesty * Advanced sense of self (right and wrong, patience, will power) * Expanded problem-solving abilities, creativity, and cognitive comprehension skills

Recognizingrepparttar 142987 emotional and physical responses associated with controlled etheric activity will allow for increased control of bio-etheric abilities, long-term. Interpretation of etheric information has a distinct, unique flavor as compared to internal dialogue or imagination. Differentiation between these independent streams of neurological feedback will improve as focus on etheric activity improves.

It is important to note that abilities and skills associated of increased etheric control are not limited to more commonly discussed processes such as precognitive event recognition, remote viewing, or even telepathy. Just as advances in modern technology resulted from an increased understanding ofrepparttar 142988 application of electricity, advanced etheric control will present new applications ofrepparttar 142989 control to existing functions.

As you begin a program for increasing bio-etheric control, write down your etheric-related experiences as they become evident to you. Your abilities and their accuracy will notably increase over time. Recording your progress will provide tangible benchmarks for charting progressive development.

Advanced Techniques

Those with an existing or advanced comprehension of etheric energy will benefit most from direct employment of related abilities to maximize and increase identified potential. Recommended exercises for individuals with developed or expanded bio-etheric control include:

* Target- or beacon-based Controlled Remote Viewing (CRV) sessions * Precognitive forecasting activities, such as previewing playing card colors, suits, and numbers * Precognitive event recognition * Telepathy between parties with equal or greater skill

Both independently and as a collective, as we begin to explore and cultivate a complete understanding of bio-etheric energy,repparttar 142990 potential for application of this energy to civilization is virtually limitless. Like any skill, development of etheric energy control requires a disciplined, focused effort to achieve notable results. Accomplishment of a thorough familiarity with bio-etheric energy and its purposes may enrich mankind in ways yet to be considered.

Jim D. Ray is a parapsychologist with a diverse background in multiple subject concentrations, including business, psychology and parapsychology, physics, criminal justice, philosophy, education, internet technology, and vocal performance arts. Jim can be reached by e-mail at:

A Bird's Eye View of THE ENCHANTED SELF and what it means to YOU!

Written by Dr. Barbara Becker Holstein

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The Third Gateway to Enchantment is Learning To Meet Your Needs and Negotiate for Yourself. The worst thing is to be so dependent on others andrepparttar whims of others that we are not able to live out our dreams. We needrepparttar 142637 education,repparttar 142638 skills,repparttar 142639 tools, andrepparttar 142640 negotiating powers that will take us to fulfill our missions in life. So, don’t be afraid of education, don’t be afraid to go back for a degree at sixty, don’t be afraid to have a mentor, to look for advice, to find out how other people have succeeded in a particular field. For instance, I remember treating a young woman who had so much to offer but no path! Divorced and with two young sons she was forced back intorepparttar 142641 parent's home and not happy about it. But once she started back to school and became a nurse all her doors opened for her. She had financial security, a home again for her boys and a future! It was tough but forthrepparttar 142642 struggle. The fourth Gateway isrepparttar 142643 experience of joy. This Gateway is so incredibly essential. It means replenishing yourself so that you are not running on empty. It also means not straining yourself, not accepting more assignments than you can really handle. When I have opened this Gateway I am able to bow out when I need to. Maybe I take that vacation I need or want or maybe I am just strong enough to say I will do this task later or you better find someone else to handle it and then I get a good night's sleep. By protecting my mind, body and spirit I not only set hontest guidelines with others, so I don't disappoint them, but I make room for joy. Replenishment leads to feeling good and joy fills us when we are full of life and vitality. Of course it is necessary to findrepparttar 142644 ways to replenish ourselves that work. If you love to travel, look for ways to travel. If you love to be with your friends, get together, if you love to be with your grandchildren, then sit onrepparttar 142645 floor and play games or plant a garden…whatever works for you. The Fifth Gateway isrepparttar 142646 Gateway of Community. We all know how important it is to feel we belong, that others care about us and we care about others. But, what you may not realize is that belonging is a major way to offset depression. You see,repparttar 142647 more we are truly connected to others and feel a responsibility within a world beyond ourselves,repparttar 142648 lessrepparttar 142649 tendency is for us to get blue and withdrawn. Obviously, this is a very important Gateway. Findingrepparttar 142650 right communities to connect are ongoing assignments for all of us-where we live, who are friends are, what church or synagogue we attend, what interest groups we identify with, etc. The Sixth Gateway isrepparttar 142651 gateway of mentoring and being a mentor. Very often, we dismiss and minimize our own wisdom. We are wise, we have a tremendous amount we can offer others and there is always others to offer wisdom to ourselves. I love this little story that a friend told me. She said I am learning so much from my neighbor. I said, "Who is that?" She mentionedrepparttar 142652 persons name. I had never heard her mention her name before even though we often chatted. My friend said, “Well, I don’t really know her, I just watch her.” I asked what do she meant. She explained, "She lives a few houses away and I watch her. I see how she greets her guests, how welcoming she is, how she always walks a guest out and says good-bye. I see her stand there untilrepparttar 142653 guest leaves. I see how radiant her smile is. Although she is twenty years younger than myself, she is a real mentor for me, I am learning from her allrepparttar 142654 time." That is an example of how easy it is to be mentored. Evenrepparttar 142655 birds mentor us with their wonderful song. Start to look for mentors-you will find them all over. And don't forget that you are a mentor-perhaps even when you don't know it. Last but not least isrepparttar 142656 Gateway of Positive Action or Good Deeds. So essential in allrepparttar 142657 world and so essential for good.mental health. Research shows thatrepparttar 142658 more we help others,repparttar 142659 more generous in spirit we are, whether we give time, money, a smile, or a helping hand, our moods lift. Of course, if we offer torepparttar 142660 point of exhaustion then we defeatrepparttar 142661 purpose and we will be on empty! The idea is to balance good mental health by using wise judgement calls of moderation and balance. These arerepparttar 142662 Seven Gates; we go through them again and again in life. We never close a door on any of them, we are always back, we are always learning more, we are always having to reflect on our lives one more time or learn some new behaviors, make a new decision, recognize and acknowledge who we are and what we need and, of course, find new ways to bring pleasure and meaning into our lives. A PLAYDATE WITH ENCHANTMENT What I would like you to do now is to play withrepparttar 142663 Seventh Gateway-that of Positive Action. Take a peice of paper write down 2 positive actions that you can do overrepparttar 142664 next year. The first one is a positive action you can do for yourself. Make it something that will be good for yourself, such as to restore yourself or broaden your life. The second action is something that is good forrepparttar 142665 world and of course will not harm yourself. You have a year to do these. Put them in your pocketbook, look at them once in awhile. Do you realize that just by actually doing these two actions you will: 1) bring more pleasure and joy to yourself and 2) improverepparttar 142666 world in some small way. Wow- two wonderful steps toward coming home to your ENCHANTED SELF!

Dr. Barbara Becker Holstein , originator of THE ENCHANTED SELF®, a method of bringing delight, purpose and meaning into everyday living, is a nationally known Positive Psychologist. Visit her website at and sign up for her free e-mail newsletter and upcoming teleclass.

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