Paradigm Engineering and History

Written by Robert Bruce Baird

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I have both personal expertise and actual hands-on experience in Central America as well asrepparttar original languages which fieldworkers have found most insightful. My prognostications are always proven correct as new evidence comes forward (Hobbit, Bonobos - being two inrepparttar 113475 last year which further add torepparttar 113476 Portuguese baby that is a crossbreed hominid) and there are examples of this in most sciences.

But what has servedrepparttar 113477 'social engineers' well is that they can say things like 'What isrepparttar 113478 peer reviewed opinion'? When there are no funds going to Phoenician Doctoral programs and no integrators of all science through allrepparttar 113479 world over all of history it is hard to have any peers.

Or they can point to another era and time and say something to bamboozlerepparttar 113480 student who seesrepparttar 113481 person speaking knows that era and people very well. But all these people or races and nations are not real history but rather a record of what politics and religion (social engineering) has done to separate people from their 'brothers'.

Thus I have had to have a complete picture or framework going back torepparttar 113482 first white people and even how they might have come into being. Some ofrepparttar 113483 pre-white people ideas are very speculative but I think I have done that framework of real history andrepparttar 113484 elite families who managed it. But no one (or four) books can putrepparttar 113485 picture together and thus pundits (often paid by 'social engineers') can say he refers to his other books for more onrepparttar 113486 point and avoidsrepparttar 113487 issue. But I have to target certain issues and notrepparttar 113488 issue they might raise at that point in that particular book. guest expert Author of Diverse Druids Columnist in The ES Press E-zine

Bush's Mental Health Program Endangers Children and Will Bankrupt Medicaid

Written by Melissa Gordon | October 20 2004

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TMAP is fully owned and operated by drug companies, mainly Janssen pharmaceuticals, and parades itself as a medically oriented and helpful government program. The organization accomplished this by bribing doctors, university officials and government officials into lying aboutrepparttar superiority of their drugs; thenrepparttar 113474 officials they've duped allow them to make laws that userepparttar 113475 lies as medical guidelines. Although all Janssen's activities cannot be known here's what is known so far:

Janssen pays $2,000 speaking fees to gov. officials and doctors who are inrepparttar 113476 position to approve TMAP and make laws favoring their algorithms. The "speakers" tell people that Janssen drugs are superior and miraculous and then approve their drugs and guidelines from within government agencies and universities. Multiple speeches result in multiple payments inrepparttar 113477 sum of $2,000 or more. Here's an example of a speakers relationship with Janssen: Boston Globe | November 10 2003 Dr. Douglas Hughs was charged with endangering his patients byrepparttar 113478 Massachusetts government and had his license taken because, without medical reason, he forced several patients to switch torepparttar 113479 new drug Risperdal and nearly killed a patient. Risperdal is an expensive, dangerous new schizophrenia drug made by Janssen. The doctor switchedrepparttar 113480 drugs to experiment onrepparttar 113481 patients forrepparttar 113482 drug company, which paid him a grand total of $30,000 in "public speaking fees" to talk about their new drugs. Dr. Hughs has since resigned his position at The Soloman Carter Fuller Mental Health Center.

Janssen paid for luxury trips, expensive meals and entertainment for officials who were inrepparttar 113483 position to approve TMAP andrepparttar 113484 drugs they endorse. To keep state health officials from investigating TMAPS dangerous, expensive drug regimen, Janssen's government official "speakers" have issued TMAP medication guidelines as administrative orders in many ofrepparttar 113485 states it now operates in. The reason is that administration isrepparttar 113486 paperwork end of government and cannot be investigated for safety by state medical regulators. TMAPS drug company founders contributed a total of $384,735 in 2002 in Texas alone. It must be mentioned that these are onlyrepparttar 113487 known contributions and that there are probably many more undisclosed contributions. Fighting Back Already Colorado and Nevada are suing approximately 17 ofrepparttar 113488 drug companies associated with TMAP for fraud and racketeering. Officials of Pennsylvania's Office ofrepparttar 113489 Inspector General are suing several other government officials in that state because they lied about drug safety and took bribes from TMAP and their funders: Dwight McKee & Allen Jones v. Henry Hart, Sydni Guido and several other officials.

References & Resources: -FDA Links Suicide in Children to Antidepressants -Medicine Merchants-Tracking Dr.'s NY Times November 16, 2000 - US Government Veterans Study -Dr. David Healy "Testing Psychotrophic Drugs in Children" April 30, 2002 -FDA Warning Letters to Drug Companies -Money in State Polotics/ Lookup State: Texas, Contributor: Drug Companies - FDA Mental Health Drug Warnings - Report on Suicides & Antipsychotics -Studies Show TCMAP Drugs Do Not Work on Children

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