Paper Shredding Business Opportunities - An Expanding Field

Written by Randy Wilson

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Even in this electronic age, there are still things that will be in paper form. Recorded documents and legal papers are still required to have pen and ink signature. Many companies are even having computer components such as hard drives and floppy disks shredded for security purposes. The federal government requires such stringent privacy laws due to identity theft and fraud, that nearly any document with a name and address on it must be destroyed after a certain period of time. This continuing process virtually guarantees that a confidential paper disposal service would thrive inrepparttar right hands.

Time limits for document destruction will play in your favor as well. Nearly every set of documents has a different holding date. For example, resumes and cover letters have a hold date of one year, ifrepparttar 149167 applicant was not hired. Hired applicants can have part of their file destroyed in three years, for example,repparttar 149168 application and some privacy statements. Corporations as well as individuals are required to keep tax records on file for three years. Companies that process financial data, such as banks and paid tax services, will always have documents that are in need of destruction. This gives yourepparttar 149169 perfect opportunity for a home employment paper shredding business.

Things to consider when thinking about a paper shredding business will depend on what type of service you wish to offer. Having a fixed location where people can bring their records to you for destruction is one idea. However, it is worth considering purchasing a mobile shredding unit in addition to this or even asrepparttar 149170 sole business operation. Mobile paper shredding will allow you to be even more flexible to your clients needs.

The demand in this industry will only be growing inrepparttar 149171 coming years as laws and policies change. It is clear that this is a growing enterprise. Be it on site shredding with a mobile shredding unit, or a permanent paper shredding location, you can be sure that there is a public in need of this critical service.

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Offering Your eBay Selling Services Locally

Written by Jason James

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Only inrepparttar final minutes of your presentation, do you mention that you offer a service where you create eBay listings for clients and managerepparttar 149068 auction for a 5% commission.

Be sure to leave time in your presentation to answer audience questions. And provide a business card or flyer to everyone inrepparttar 149069 audience.

Pitfalls to Avoid

Do not be tempted to find a short cut around doing speeches to small audiences. These 'show and tell' presentations arerepparttar 149070 center piece ofrepparttar 149071 project. Doingrepparttar 149072 speeches eliminates all marketing expenses, and introduces your services to customers most likely to want to use your services.

Do be selective aboutrepparttar 149073 type of items you list. You really don't have time to list items that are not likely to get bids, or that sell for lower prices.

Do realize that you are offering a service - you are helping people sell things in ways they may not be able to do on their own. Your skill in writing an eBay listing, and your knowledge of when and how to place it are what your clients are paying you for.

Do be honest and above board. If you are asked why someone should pay you 5% instead of doingrepparttar 149074 listing themselves, answer honestly. Say, "People who feel comfortable withrepparttar 149075 technology involved, and who know how eBay works, and haverepparttar 149076 time to write a good listing, andrepparttar 149077 time to get it on eBay and followrepparttar 149078 auction, might want to do it themselves. We offer our services to people who want someone to take care of everything. And since we only get paid a commission ifrepparttar 149079 item is sold, it gives us an incentive to do a good job."

Growth Potential & Expansion Opportunities

It's amazing what speaking to small informal audiences where you showcase your computer and presentation skills can lead to.

As you develop your speaking and eBay skills, you might be able to offer similar auction services to larger business - especially those with higher end products.


There's nothing to stop others from trying to dorepparttar 149080 same thing - but most people won't approach it fromrepparttar 149081 angle of providing show and tell presentations to small audiences. The key to success here is to develop an entertaining presentation and do it in front of audiences likely to have items they want sold on eBay.

The other big competition will be from people who feel comfortable listing their own items on eBay. They will tell their friends that they can dorepparttar 149082 listings for them. But usually, it will be easier for those who know about your services to let you take care of it all.

Additional Notes: Before you get involved in this, learn about eBay. Visit eBay every day and print out eBay listings that have lots of bids on them. Keep these in a notebook for reference when you write your own eBay listings.

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