Pakistanis' future in US

Written by Syed Asad Ali Zaidi

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Having strong work ethics, we are respected inrepparttar business world as well. All this makes a sound foundation for a successful immigrant society. Our future depends on our continued strength, which lies inrepparttar 125919 ingrained values that we have accumulated overrepparttar 125920 years. Strategically our future is intertwined with that ofrepparttar 125921 American society. We should continue our future generations to be adequately educated in areas of science and technology.

This strategic path will bring most of us intorepparttar 125922 mainstream of Americana. Our future inrepparttar 125923 United States also depends on how we continue interacting withrepparttar 125924 society at large.

im belong to syed family and im now studing in karachi university in computer science department

A new kind of Patriotism

Written by Jim Wilson

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Our next battleground will require some new heroes and heroines to show themselves. Each and every one of us hasrepparttar power to effect change in those around us. A simple display of your American pride may not convince someone to change his or her convictions but it may very well plantrepparttar 125918 seed that blossoms week or months later. Our troops know where patriotism grows. It grows in every hard fought battle for liberty and justice. It casts a shadow on every country that we help aroundrepparttar 125919 world. Our troops know it. Shouldn’t we?

How do you show your American pride?

We should not feel ashamed of our love of country. We should feel free and comfortable to express it. Is that notrepparttar 125920 spirit of what America was founded upon?

American patriots display their pride in many different ways. Some patriots where red, white and blue. Some patriotic souls where old glory flag as pins, hats, t-shirts and even bake flag shaped cookies. The point is, if you feel patriotic pride then show it! It is not hard to find plenty of great patriotic gifts and patriotic gift ideas. There are many patriotic Web sites and store. Some of these Web sites even offer free patriotic stuff. Now that’s showing patriotic pride. What ever you do, showing your pride is justrepparttar 125921 first step. Sharing your pride is next. Try encouraging friends and neighbors to show their American patriotism by buying a bunch of American flag lapel pins and passing them out to everyone that you see in a day.

Others may not understand or approve your displaying pride. This will provide a great opportunity forrepparttar 125922 patriotic “bridge-building” that we so desperately need in this country. If someone gives you a hard time for wearing a star and stripes jacket or playing basketball with a red, white and blue, basketball, then just remind them that no matter who you voted for inrepparttar 125923 last election, or even who your parents voted for in past elections, we are all still American citizens today and will be tomorrow.

Jim Wilkson is an author and born again patriot who lives and works in northern Washington state.

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