Paintball Trends: Carbon Dioxide is History – Switch to Compressed Air

Written by Anthony Sakakeeny

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air, onrepparttar other hand, is a much more stable propellant source for a paintball marker. While temperature changes can alterrepparttar 148223 pressure inside a carbon dioxide tank and drastically impactrepparttar 148224 performance of a marker, external temperatures do not affect compressed air tanks. The performance of compressed air tanks and their ability to produce a consistent stable pressure is consistent in any climate. It’s also cleaner than carbon dioxide. Carbon dioxide can contain dust and dirt that will clog air paths and valves in your marker. Compressed air is typically very clean. Most compressors used to fill compressed air tanks are “S.C.U.B.A.” compressors with air filters that produce grade E breathing air. If it’s safe enough to breathe, it’s safe enough for your paintball gun! In addition to its stability, compressed air is cheaper than carbon dioxide, andrepparttar 148225 price continues to fall. Many paintball facilities are moving exclusively to compressed air rental equipment, and carbon dioxide paintball products will eventually be obsolete. Givenrepparttar 148226 performance differences between carbon dioxide and compressed air markers,repparttar 148227 industry is clearly heading inrepparttar 148228 direction of compressed air. You can no longer afford to use carbon dioxide equipment—switch to compressed air now!


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Professional Triathlon Training Taking You To Your Best

Written by Mike Herman

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Don't forget to stay in peak performance with nutrition and hydration. Advice here is to getrepparttar knowledge you need aboutrepparttar 148222 foods you eat. Know how your body reacts to foods and what it needs to stimulate results.

  • When it comes to gettingrepparttar 148223 right training program, you need to scope outrepparttar 148224 plans. If you plan to train hard, all week long, you’ll needrepparttar 148225 time to accommodate this. Pick a training program that fits within your life and your needs.
  • It is just important to make sure that what you do is worth it. No matter if you are a beginning or if you arerepparttar 148226 professional out there, you just have to haverepparttar 148227 right mental state to win.

    You need to be dedicated and strong willed.

    The professional triathlon training that you need can be found in any ofrepparttar 148228 hundreds of programs offered.

    Check them out and see what is available to you, what fits with your lifestyle and desired results.

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