Pagan Religions Taught In Public Schools

Written by Joel Turtel

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3. Astrology: Countless teachers acrossrepparttar country require students to document their daily horoscopes. Others help students discover their powers and personalities through Aztec calendars and Chinese.

4. Other forms of divination: Through palmistry, I Ching, tarot cards and horoscopes, students learn to experience other cultures and tap into secret sources of wisdom. Students in Texas were told to create a vision in their minds and “describe in your best soothsayer tonesrepparttar 144045 details of your vision.”

5. Spiritism: While pagan myths and crafts show students how to contact ancestral, nature, and other spirits, classroom rituals actually invoke their presence. California third-graders had to alter their consciousness through guided imagery, invoke or “see” their personal animal spirits, write about their experience . . . and create their own magical medicine shields to represent their spirit helper.

6. Magic, spells, and sorcery: Many parents consider magic and spell-casting too bizarre and alien to pose a threat, yet gullible students from coast to coast are learningrepparttar 144046 ancient formulas and occult techniques.

Parents, is this what you want your children taught in public schools,repparttar 144047 same public schools that are now forbidden from teaching kidsrepparttar 144048 Ten Commandments?

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The Incredibles Kid Birthday Party Idea

Written by Mike Dougherty "Grandpa Mike"

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Have a large glass or glass jar filled with yellow and red jelly beans and tell each guest to use their superhero X-Ray vision to guess how many jelly beans are inrepparttar jar...

Write everyone's name on one piece of paper and put their guess next to their name... Then just before your party ends, announcerepparttar 144030 superhero guest withrepparttar 144031 best X-Ray vision. (whoever guessed closest torepparttar 144032 actual number of jelly beans inrepparttar 144033 jar wins.)

And remember to actually countrepparttar 144034 number of jelly beans you put inrepparttar 144035 jar before your birthday party begins... Then writerepparttar 144036 actual number on a piece of paper and put that piece of paper somewhere safe and where you can easily get to it.

The Incredibles Movie And CD Fun

Set your Incredibles birthday party theme right away by having The Incredibles movie DVD or video playing on your TV as your guests arrive. (You can turnrepparttar 144037 sound down low or off)... You can also surprise your birthday child by announcing that The Incredibles DVD or video is one of their birthday gifts...

For music during your birthday party games and activities, play The Incredibles movie soundtrack CD. This is an excellent way to keep your Incredibles birthday party theme going... You can also makerepparttar 144038 CD a gift for your birthday child.

The Incredibles Coloring Book

Depending onrepparttar 144039 age of your group, you can pick up an Incredibles coloring book and some small boxes of crayons... Take pages out ofrepparttar 144040 coloring book and let your party guests choose pages to color... This is also a fairly quiet activity.

The Incredibles Puzzle

Kids love puzzles and what better way for your guests to get to know each other than working on a puzzle together... Having a puzzle that fits your Incredibles birthday party theme is an added bonus.

The Incredibles Superhero Food and Drink

Even The Incredibles superheros need to replentish their energy after a long day of savingrepparttar 144041 world fromrepparttar 144042 villainous "Syndrom."

Consider these fun superhero foods

How about a "superhero sandwich?" Let each guest build their own (super) hero sandwich... Keep it simple and put fun superhero labels on everything.

"Power Bread"

"More Power Mustard"

"Red Energy Sauce" (ketchup)

"Power Pickles"

"Total Energy Turkey"

"Super-Sauce Mayo"

"Mr. Incredible Celary"

"Elastiwoman Cheese Slices"

"Raw Energy Raisens"

"Power Packed Carott Sticks"

The Incredibles Superhero Energy Drinks

Try mixing Ginger Ale with cherry ice cream for a colorful superhero drink.

Punch can be re-named "The Incredibles Super Sauce"

For a fun and creative drink project, let your party guests mix three different and colorful Cool Aid drinks and Ginger Ale into their very own superhero drink... Cherry and Lime anyone?

For extra fizz, let them add pop-rocks...

Your Incredibles birthday party theme is going to be a big hit!

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