Packing Material That's Cheap!

Written by Michael Temple

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4. Put a note inrepparttar box that you pack that basically says: "We are conscious ofrepparttar 147543 environment! Your item has been packed in all natural popcorn using a method that is non-greasy and environmentally safe. Please feed torepparttar 147544 birds or re-use at your discretion. Thank-you!"

I have used all natural popcorn on many occasions with a good deal of success. There are products that you may not want to pack in popcorn. Things like ephemera and other items that are permeable to smell may not be something that you will want to chance packing in popcorn. Keep in mind, if it can soak in a smell, it can soak in a popcorn odor. Make decisions with care!

Michael Temple is a retired auctioneer and author of the e-book "Buying Fresh Antiques - 16 Ways to Increase Your Opportunities No Matter Where You Live." His web site Antique Power Dealer is popular among antique dealers and enthusiasts. Antique Power Dealer

The Top Ten Tips For Auction Success!

Written by Joe Clare

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4. Auction Start/Close Time You must plan your auction start/close time aroundrepparttar bidders you wish to attract to your auction. Ifrepparttar 147542 product you are selling appeals torepparttar 147543 working woman,repparttar 147544 best time to start/end your auction would be inrepparttar 147545 evening or onrepparttar 147546 weekend. Always create a profile on your product and what group ofrepparttar 147547 population you are selling to.

3. Item Description Not enough information or too much rambling of information will discourage people from bidding. So too will to many typos. Your item description must be clean and concise. Succinctly provide allrepparttar 147548 information required to describerepparttar 147549 item sufficiently and create buyer interest.

2. Image You need to use an image on your auction page. Remember a picture is worth a 1000 words! Potential bidders will want to see whatrepparttar 147550 item looks like before they make a bid. With digital cameras, being so affordable these days adding a image to your auction page is easier then ever. But, make surerepparttar 147551 image is clear and well lit to show it's detail or any imperfections it may have. Also, keeprepparttar 147552 image at a reasonable pixel size so your auction page doesn't take to long to load.

1. Headlines This isrepparttar 147553 most important issue for getting more bidders to your auction page. You must include words that people will search on eBay. And, you must make your headline enticing, so potential bidders will click it. If you are selling an antique make-up table a headline saying old vanity table would not pull in a lot of bidders. But, if you said something like "Vintage Vanity Table - Mint Condition - Collectors Item" not only would you get more potential bidders to view your auction, you would also be using words people would search eBay for. Your auction title would appear in searches for Vintage, Vanity Tables, Collectors Items. Therefore, allowing even more potential bidders to see your headline.

Happy Selling! Joe Clare

Joe Clare is an active Netpreneur and eBayer! He is the author of numerous articles on how to succeed on eBay! Check out his latest Best Selling eBook "eBay Marketing Wholesale SourcePak" Your Passport to Success! at

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