P is For ProcessTrading Links - Any Real Value?

Written by Gail Hornback

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1. Find sites that complement your site, and that you would feel confident in recommending to others. (Quite frankly, if a site doesn't meetrepparttar criteria that I want my visitors to look at, it won't stand a snowball's chance inrepparttar 125228 hot place of getting on my site! ) 2. Contactrepparttar 125229 webmaster with a personal email, telling them about your site, and asking if they would be interested in trading links. 3. Ask them to write their own description of their site, as they would like it explained to your visitors. 3. Set up a page on your site for these links, and call it something BESIDES "link trades". Call it "Recommended sites", or anything creative that will tell your visitors that it is worth looking through. Because it IS worth looking through. You have chosen these sites specifically for a trade with your site! You are recommending them to your visitors!!! 4. List each site name and their short description. ( Yup, you'll have to do this yourself, by hand, individually, one at a time!) 5. Strive to trade YOUR link exclusively with sites that use these same guidelines. Your goal in every aspect of your Ebusiness and website should be to give VALUE to your visitors. REAL VALUE! This method of trading links creates a much greater value for your visitors, not to mentionrepparttar 125230 increased value ofrepparttar 125231 link you have traded onrepparttar 125232 other end. It always comes down torepparttar 125233 same basic idea. The best results rarely come fromrepparttar 125234 easiest method. Building a successful Ebusiness will take work, which takes time. Looking for an automated business? Time to get over it. And get on with reality!

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Build An Internet Parthenon, Part 2

Written by Daniel Ramos

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Join parallel affiliate programs As you surfrepparttar web discovering whom your allies and competitors may be, be sure to ally your website with like- minded websites and join their affiliate program. Why? Because you can select products that you can offer your target audience, earn money onrepparttar 125227 sale of those products, and gain added value by aligning yourself with expert products which your website visitors will appreciate. Also check out www.associateprograms.com and www.associate-it.com

Give something away for free When you can offer something to visitors on your site for free all of a sudden interest perks up;repparttar 125228 word FREE is irresistible. Make sure that your offering is related to your services so thatrepparttar 125229 visitors you attract will be good prospects for your business. Example: 3Com offers system administrators a free networking benefits analysis CD/calculator to computerepparttar 125230 cost of designing a network. What does 3Com sell? You guessed it: network cards and network devices.

Join a webring A Web ring is a group of linked sites with similar subject matter. A visitor to one site inrepparttar 125231 ring can quickly access repparttar 125232 rest ofrepparttar 125233 sites inrepparttar 125234 ring. The largest collection of web rings today isrepparttar 125235 www.webring.com, managed by Yahoo!, which not only allows you to join web rings, but also create them. Visit their website and see if there is a match in your topic. If so, join, and link your site torepparttar 125236 ring, thereby driving further targeted traffic to your site.

Share your content If you sell knowledge-based services, consider writing tips, lessons, hints, secrets, or anything that would help a particular group of people. Then submitrepparttar 125237 content regularly by emailing your fresh work to webmasters and ezine editors who publish related material. Make sure (a) you insist your byline be published, and (b) you be notified by email when it was published. Atrepparttar 125238 same time, solicit content from webmasters and authors within your industry and publish these on your website. Doing this will build a resource library your visitors will appreciate and that in turn, will build brand awareness and profit.

Log files Log files from your web host will give you: visitor session statistics, resources accessed, paths through site, top exit pages, most requested pages, visitor demographics by new vs. returning, referring URLs, search engines referrals, and more. The key to generating revenue is to userepparttar 125239 logs and proactively manage your traffic to produce higher quality results. Remember this keyword: MWR (most-wanted-response). How can you better direct traffic through your site, based on where visitors are now going to, to better get them to repparttar 125240 response you desire? Figure that out, build it, and watch your responses soar.

Good design I almost wish this was obvious but unfortunately it's not. Bad design prevails in a very large way still, and surprisingly, on sites that are intended to serverepparttar 125241 public and generate revenue. By good design I mean, make your site (a) easy to navigate, (b) easy to search within, and (c) logical inrepparttar 125242 next steps a visitor should take. Put your company name, address, phone number, and general email address on every page so that customers don't have to hunt for your contact info, no matter what page they came into your website by. Customers will appreciaterepparttar 125243 ease of use and friendliness of your website.

Customer service Golden rule: Do unto others as you would have them do unto you. Treat your customers right and give them a reason to come back and frequent you with their purchases. Promptly answer emails and voicemail messages. Companies that treat customers with respect, and not just as a commodity, will stand out in this day and age of poor service. Either most companies today are providing no service, or just enough service to get by. Don't do it. Invest in service and treating your customers right and you will stand out and be rewarded.

Daniel Ramos is the President of Genesislogic Inc., a New York City based ebusiness that helps companies massively profit from the Internet. If you want to learn how to massively profit from the Internet, vist WWW.GENESISLOGIC.COM and download from an extensive online library of resources, call us toll-free (800) 590-5155, or send an email to INFO@GENESISLOGIC.COM

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