Written by Rhoberta Shaler

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Make your writing concise. No one hasrepparttar 129492 time or desire to read a novel about your topic. "Justrepparttar 129493 facts, Ma'am." That's what's needed. Quality, not quantity, is best. Winston Churchill is reported to have said to an aide placing a three-inch-high report on his desk, "That report, by its very size, demands that it will never be read." Be sure to read what you write before you send it. No one needs an exercise in endurance to capture your point.

Take every opportunity to put positive information in writing. Thank and congratulate folks. Report on all successes, major and minor. Recommend solutions. Provide updates. When you've got something good to say, Harry Chambers says: "Insure accuracy, provide proof when available or necessary, and distributerepparttar 129494 communication as widely as possible." Beingrepparttar 129495 author of good news can put your name in a positive light when promotion time arrives, too! This has got to be good!

Write as you speak and speak thoughtfully. This isrepparttar 129496 best guideline for written communication at work.

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Written by Tim North

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The use of a large vocabulary, attention to proper punctuation and grammar, use of visually attractive formatting, all serve to increaserepparttar value of a posting.

In short, style becomes an issue of more importance. Style is certainly an influence in visual contact (why do news anchors wear $500 suits and dresses? - style!) so it should be no surprize that it is important in writing as well.

These two writers have made an important point. How well you write is a very significant influence in determining how your e-mail will be regarded.

When all other visual cues are gone, almost all that you can present to other people are your words. It's no surprise then that those who do not write well will find this disability a far greater handicap inrepparttar 129489 textual world of e-mail correspondence.

The message then is clear. If you are what you write, write well!

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