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Written by Branko Rakic

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Actually, people don't come to your site with intention to buy your product or service. They come for information, they come to learn. That isrepparttar reason why you must run ezine to provide useful information for your visitors. The better information they get,repparttar 125251 more satisfied they will be. You are onrepparttar 125252 right way to build a great relationship with your visitors and ezine subscribers, based on trust and confidence.

Now you can do business with them because they know you and believe you. They will buy your product or service, join your network or opportunity and bring new subscribers to you ezine. You will realize that your ezine subscribers list is more important for you then your web site. Your web site is just one ofrepparttar 125253 tools to attract visitors to subscribe to your ezine. This isrepparttar 125254 most powerful way to build your own sales organization.

Writing articles is even more powerful way to bring traffic to your site or to get subscribers for your ezine. There are thousands of ezines and newsletters onrepparttar 125255 internet. They all publish articles. Editors are looking for good articles to provide fresh information for their subscribers.

Here is your chance to write an article which could be published in many ezines and newsletters. Atrepparttar 125256 end of every article is byline - few lines whererepparttar 125257 author introduces himself and invitation for visiting his site or for subscribing to his ezine. Imagine how many visitors or subscribers you can get if some ezines publish your article. Unfortunately many people are afraid to write articles because they think you must have a special gift for writing articles. But that is not truth.

You don't pretend to become best selling writer inrepparttar 125258 world, but write a few words about your hobby, business or passion. You can learn that studying from many free reports, articles and courses. Practicing you will be able to write a solid and readable article acceptable forrepparttar 125259 most people onrepparttar 125260 internet. So start writing your article now.

Here are some links where you can submit your article for free publishing in other ezines or to find articles for your ezine.

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6 Ways to Promote Your Online Business Using Promotional Items

Written by Candice Pardue

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4. Find Promotional Items that Compliment Your Business Niche

You can always find certain items that will compliment your type of business - items that you know your customers will use often! For Example: A pharmacy may want to order daily pill organizers withrepparttar pharmacy name, address, phone, fax, and Web address printed on them. This way, as soon asrepparttar 125250 customer needs a refill, they will be automatically reminded to go to to reorder!

5. Packaging Products for Multiple Sales

One ofrepparttar 125251 most overlooked (and cost effective) techniques for generating extra revenues is packaging.

You may be able to package your products along with promotional items for increased sales. For Example; An online video business may offer all three Star Wars videos along with a Star Wars T-Shirt. Customers love packages such as this, and it would be a unique way to promoterepparttar 125252 site andrepparttar 125253 product! Do you have products which compliment each other? Remember, this is a sale you may or may not have made withoutrepparttar 125254 package deal so it's almost like getting FREE MONEY!!

6. Free Contests and Drawings

You can give promotional items away in contest drawings. People love to win stuff. Itís exciting for them to enter, andrepparttar 125255 contest helps drive traffic to your site!

** To be successful with contests, makerepparttar 125256 prize related to your business so thatrepparttar 125257 entrants are targeted.

I hope this has you thinking about special promotions and how you can use them to enhance your online business. Online success comes in increments so use some of these tips along with other fresh marketing ideas to keep your business ahead ofrepparttar 125258 competition!

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