PPC search engines are ok: what about their partners?

Written by Guido Ciapponi

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web site into their network: of course, they lay down restrictive conditions you must satisfy in order to be accepted. But very often their search partners don’t bring you a good quality traffic. For example, some month ago I have set up a Ppc campaign for one of my customers, I have trackedrepparttar results with a professional software and I have noticed thatrepparttar 139498 traffic provided by each search engine was very different one another: in factrepparttar 139499 conversion rate could vary from 1.5 sales per 100 visitors to 0.4 sales per 100 visitors depending onrepparttar 139500 search engines. In particular I have observed that one of this search engines was delivering a lot of traffic (17% ofrepparttar 139501 total) from Poland and Ukraine: I have nothing against polish people, but if my business is targeted to US customers I cannot accept to spend 17% of my budget to reach people I cannot sell my product. So, to cut a long story short, you must consider Ppc search engines, because they can be very profitable, but always and always track your results in order to maximize your return on investment.

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What is Pay Per Call? How does it work?

Written by Joe Balestrino

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My next question concerned wrong numbers and short calls. We have all done it. We see one number and dial another. Or, we see something and on impulse we reach forrepparttar phone, and then change our mind ten seconds after dialing. So, doesrepparttar 139386 advertiser pay for these types of calls? Is there a time limit a person needs to be onrepparttar 139387 phone for? There answer is yes. The calls need to last at least ten seconds. This should be more than enough time to establish that a wrong number as been dialed. I also wondered about people trying to beatrepparttar 139388 system. The trouble with PP-Click is that people may dial and occupy a salesperson with no intent other than to try and boost their revenue offrepparttar 139389 ads placed on their site. Ingenio has taken this into account. They can track calls that come in through their system. Any numbers seen abusing it can be blocked. Hopefully, this will discourage any type of scam to boost profits on sites that sponsors these ads.

I was also interested to know about ads that did provide a URL. Was there an additional charge levied when someone clicked onrepparttar 139390 ad? Fortunately, there is not. If a business sells overrepparttar 139391 net as well, they could certainly use this to their advantage. Of course, one ofrepparttar 139392 main advantages to this type of advertising is that it caters to potential customers that do not, for whatever reason, like to make purchases online. Overall PP-Call may be worth its weight in gold. At leastrepparttar 139393 potential is there. Will it surpass PP-Click as far asrepparttar 139394 preferred method of advertising? Probably, not. It does however give advertises who couldn’t advertise onrepparttar 139395 net before a reason to start. Maybe then they will seerepparttar 139396 importance of having a web presence onrepparttar 139397 Internet.

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